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The Flash #12 Review

Wally is finally figuring out the reason training is so important. After getting himself and Flash trapped in a shadow plane the heroes have to work together to shed some light on their situation. As they continue to fight against the darkness, there’s another issue at hand-Iris. While Shade’s girlfriend basks in the dismal blackness, Iris is slowly being overtaken. What started as a learning experience has turned into a large pile of disaster. Flash and Kid Flash need to get moving-and fast!

Is it good?

The Flash #12 (DC Comics)

The morals and life lessons are alive and well in this issue. It seems that every time we turn around someone is learning something new about their personality. The main story line is focusing on Kid Flash and basically him being a kid. There’s a lot at stake and we’re looking at someone in high school to step it up and be responsible. I don’t know what high schoolers you’re meeting but it’s a rarity that I meet one that has more than their own agenda in mind. So, this is exactly what we’re seeing. Wally is finding it hard to balance both lives but this situation is pushing him in the right direction.

Shade is still helping the duo fight his girlfriend, who’s been taken over by the shadows. He’s actually a pretty great character. I wouldn’t be upset if he came back into the series later on, even if it’s to be a villain again.

The issue itself is good. If you want to see some inner demons and lessons learned I suggest taking a look.

There’s not much depth to the whole story but it definitely leads into something big. I’m still not a fan of the new art direction but it’s not taking away from anything. With the cliffhanger we should be looking at a pretty interesting follow up.


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