Things have been building to a head in the town of Santa Clara, CA–the settting of The Lost Boys film. This six part mini-series has been edging closer to a confrontation between the survivors of the film and a new group of lady vampires that have shown up to cause murder and mayhem. Mike and his brother Sam have a lot to contend with in this issue–is it good?

The Lost Boys #3 (Vertigo Comics)

So far in the series we got reacquainted with the Frog brothers, Star, Sam, Micheal and the Emerson’s vampire hunting grandpa. It started out slowly, revealing the new threat through shadowy silhouettes and pairs of eyes peaking from the darkness. After losing their mentor and most of the hunters in Santa Clara, the Frog Brothers took matters into their own hands and went to hunt down the new Vamps. Their fate was left unknown at the end of issue 2, but things didn’t look good. Add to that a missing Star, and the only chance the humans have left is Micheal and his little brother Sam.

The third issue sees writer Tim Seeley kick things into another gear, action wise. No more lurking about in the shadows, this issue moves about at a faster pace than its two predecessors. While the first two issues were laying hints and building to an eventual confrontation, it feels like this is the first time we are seeing what Seeley’s master plan is. The problem is bigger than just another set of vampires and Seeley uses a callback piece of dialogue from the film to lay out a bigger conspiracy. It was a deft move that fit well with the universe he took over. He also gives hints of the vampire’s master plan, which sets up future repercussions for one character that we find had ulterior motives the entire time.


The art is, again, good. Artist Scott Godlweski spent the first issues capturing the actors of the film and making the setting look like the 80’s time frame it’s based in. This time, as the action element is ratcheted up, he shows he can handle that as well. There’s not a lot of gore, which, other than the scene from the movie at the beach party, wasn’t very gory itself. If that’s what you’re looking for in a horror comic you might want to look elsewhere. Colorist Trish Mulvihill does lighting really well in this issue, from the sunset lighting where Mike and Sam are, to the cool blues of the caverns the vampires haunt.

Is It Good?

It’s the fastest paced of the three issues so far, with more action and vampire battling than the last two. There are a few scenes towards the latter half of the book when Sam and Mike are at the concert where the panels didn’t seem to flow so well and it was hard to tell who was talking. However, the action scenes were imaginative and much more of the plot was revealed. This book really makes it feel like the story is coming into its own and not simply a rehash of the film’s plot, both using elements that were already present from the film and adding new background to deepen it. Hopefully, since there’s no more getting reacquainting to be done, the rest of the series will follow the lead of this well written and paced issue.

The Lost Boys #3 Review
Things get moving in the action departmentThings get moving in the plot department, too, with some reveals of what exactly is going onThe new hunter is funny and fearsome
A few panels felt disjointed and hard to follow right after the concertOne of the antagonists has still been regulated to little more than cameo. Hopefully there will be a good fit for him in the plot somewhere down the road.
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