One of the main reasons why Doctor Strange has been a true joy to read no matter if you’ve taken a break or read it all the way through is because it’s so damn inventive. Make no mistake, this series not only changes gears in interesting ways, but also throws in all sorts of monsters and classic villains to keep things interesting. We check out the latest issue from Chris Bachalo and Jason Aaron, and while it’s bound to be interesting, is it good?

Doctor Strange #15 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Look at and read the preview to find out more!

Why does this book matter?

Outside of what was said in the intro? Bachalo’s art. The man knows how to draw wacky, weird, and downright crazy monsters and paranormal creatures. This issue continues that trend.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I love the use of title cards to set up each scene.

Aaron has been putting on a show in the last few issues by delivering a romp of a chase/escape for Doctor Strange in a self contained story in each issue. Doctor Strange #15 is no different. It opens with a poor soul about to be buried, maybe even alive, when The Orb comes driving up in a taxi; he still has the powers of the Watcher since stealing his eye and he’s kidnapped Strange. The entire issue involves The Orb driving around New York City with Strange in the back and much of the events taking place against Strange’s will. There’s some big name villains that pop up amongst The Orb’s actions on top of all this with a whopper of a cliffhanger. Considering Doctor Strange is depowered in the last few months things are getting a lot more scary come issue #16.

The issue has a wonderful undercurrent of loopiness, from a ghost airplane zipping about to Doctor Strange’s confidence the events will be over soon. Even a bit of vomit in his eye isn’t out of the question.

The art is split up between Bachalo and Jorge Fornes and both do a stand-up job. Fornes has a darker tone with heavier inks that suits the nightmarish monsters and high stakes of the situations. Bachalo meanwhile, has his customary trippy and sometimes gross monsters gracing the pages, with a particularly weird Orb. The Orb is straight up freakish with his scarred eyeball stomach and he captures the insanity of the character well even though he lacks a face.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I’m not sure why this issue is split between the two artists. There’s no rhyme or reason to it with the pages drawn by Fornes possibly requiring a darker tone. The styles are certainly wildly different, which throws off the flow of the book.

Is It Good?

This series is pulling off quite a trick with each issue feeling self contained yet progressing the larger narrative. Doctor Strange can be wacky, definitely weird, and wildly fun.

Doctor Strange #15 Review
Fun self contained storyArtists do a lot of great things
Though the artists are very different and throw things off a bit
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