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Spider-Gwen #15 Review

Despite her diminishing supply of power-ups, Gwen Stacy finally decides that it’s time to confront Matt Murdock.

Is it good?

Spider-Gwen #15 (Marvel Comics)


  • Dang. This universe’s Matt Murdock and Cindy Moon may be evil, but they sure do know how to put their differences aside.
  • OF COURSE your rent money gets stolen when you only have a limited/finite amount of superpowers.
  • Ouch. Gwen just totally mic dropped on that police officer.
  • I hate that she’s only got a few times as Spider-Gwen left, but it’s still awesome seeing her back in action.
  • “This white girl…could never be a ninja.”
  • KHoly crap. Even when he does something good, this Matt Murdock is still a very evil man.

Is it Good?

Now that’s more like it.

After last month’s subpar issue, Spider-Gwen triumphantly returns to form. While I’m still not sure about this whole “power-up” plot device—or what Matt Murdock’s end game is—writer Jason Latour does a brilliant job setting up a new and terrifying dynamic between Gwen and her universe’s Kingpin of Crime.

Latour also gives Gwen a really cool bit of dialogue that leads to a touching moment for her father. It’s a great reminder that as stylish and crazy as this series is, the reason it continues to be so good is because of its substance.

Speaking of stylish, though, it’s great having Robbi Rodriguez back for the whole issue, especially with the bonkers fight scene near the end. I still wish we knew a little more about what Gwen’s potential “training” will ultimately lead to, but watching Rodriguez draw her throwing down against a ninja assassin a hell of a lot of fun to watch no matter what the context is.


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