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Star-Lord #1 Review

Peter Quill is stuck on Earth, alone and bored.

Until, as usual, trouble comes to find him. Is it good?

Star-Lord #1 (Marvel Comics)


With the Guardians’ ship out of action and the Guardians themselves mad at him, Peter Quill is loafing about on Earth thanks to the generosity of Abigail Brand and Alpha Flight. The problem is, he only knows two people on Earth and one of them is his former fiance, Kitty Pryde, who isn’t ready to become hang out buddies. He’s starting to feel sorry for himself, when Old Man Logan takes pity on him. Things seem to be looking up, until trouble shows up.

Is It Good?

I had high expectations for enjoying the hell out of this book, because this is basically a dream team of some of my favorite comics creators, and I was not disappointed. Star-Lord is the perfect book for these guys’ sensibilities, and you can tell that all three had a blast as they worked. Zdarsky strikes a smart balance of giving the reader reasons to sympathize with Peter’s situation, but also understand the other characters’ frustrations with dealing with him.


Zdarsky and Anka’s senses of humor are on full display throughout the book, and the image above showcases it nicely. Brand’s complete done-ness with Quills’ crap pairs beautifully with Anka’s cheesecake shot of him (and bonus points for the t-shirt he puts on). Zdarsky does a fantastic job of creating a storyline that moves and has great action beats, but never feels hurried. He succinctly shows the characters’ relationships and motivations, while setting up an interesting story for the book moving forward. Top marks to Chip!

I feel like Kris Anka is criminally underestimated in the comics world. His art is just @#$%@#$ amazing, visually beautiful and detailed, but not pretentious or precious. He knows exactly when to hit the humor and when to embrace the details, and his action sequences are always clear but fantastically dynamic. I mean, look at these faces:


I literally laughed out loud when I saw Peter’s facial expression. That plus that tank = perfection. Matt Wilson’s always gorgeous colors elevate every panel, and I loved the different palettes he used for the Earth and space sequences. Huge bonus points to both of them for the panel with Victoria’s kick to the face.

So yeah, I am all in for this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I can’t wait for next month’s installment.


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