The Punisher is the type of character you don’t necessarily need to read to keep up with since his schtick remains relatively the same. With the very sad passing of Steve Dillon on October 22nd I felt it was necessary to check in on his final work. We must remain vigilant in criticism! Is it good?

The Punisher #7 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Check out the preview for more info.

Why does this book matter?

The Punisher is trying to stop a drug ring; a drug that, when you take it, turns you into a killing machine that can’t feel pain. Yikes. With an enemy that can’t feel pain how the heck does Punisher even stop the bastard?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

So I guess he’s not a fan of camping.

Becky Cloonan writes one hell of an action scene in this issue that not only includes new bar room brawl elements you’ve never seen, but is very well paced. It lasts all of six pages, but dammit I wish it was the entire book it’s so darn fun. Punisher takes on one of these unfeeling drugged up goons and all the patrons chip in to help him bludgeon and lacerate the bastard. The battle culminates in a fantastic one liner by Punisher that gets you excited and wishing this was adapted into filmic form.

The remaining pages aren’t bad either. The opening pages have tight dialogue which reveal the stakes involved, a new threat pushes forward with their killing spree, and characters reflect on how important Punisher is. The issue in its entirety has moments of fun action, good dialogue, and overall the plot progresses nicely. It’s a fun time.

The art by Steve Dillon and Matt Horak is quite good all the way through too. The action sequence is very well rendered, choreographed, and easy to follow. That’s a given. The opening pages by Dillon do so much with so little. Dillon was so very good at pacing a scene action or not, and in this case the characters are simply talking. His framing of each panel tells a story within the story and there’s interesting detail in its simplicity. He’ll be truly missed.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Having not been reading this series I’m unsure about the cliffhanger which, to the best of my knowledge, is a rather random twist. I’m really unsure as to how to perceive it and my anticipation is stifled in not knowing where it’s going…in a bad sort of way. It’s a relatively minor gripe though.

They are gonna get it.

Is It Good?

The Punisher #7 is a fun issue with a fantastic barroom brawl you should not miss. Cloonan, Dillon and Horak create a fine issue even new readers can enjoy as it contains many elements to ensure your enjoyment.

The Punisher #7 Review
One of the best bar room brawls I've seen in comics Well told story with good pace and plot progression
Not sure how to feel about that cliffhanger
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