Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrigues are ready to take us back to the Keyhouse in this new Locke & Key tale, Small World. In the previous books we found out that keys exist that have the ability to make you fly, turn you into a ghost, or even let you pick things out of your own brain.

Small World does not use any of our present day characters but in fact brings the past to life with the Locke family. As we take a look into the history of the keys it’s clear that it’s hard to avoid the draw of their power and there’s always a bit of horror thrown into the mix whenever they’re involved.

Locke & Key: Small World #1 (IDW Publishing)


Birthdays are always a fun celebration for children, except maybe when your family is charged with looking after a set of magical keys. Mary and Jean Locke are the new caretakers of a beautiful doll house, but it’s not just any ordinary doll house; I mean if we’re in the world of Locke and Key how could it be? So, the Small World key brings the doll house to life — an exact replica of the Locke’s own home and inside are exact replicas of the Lockes themselves.

What is a bit surprising is that a father would give a 10 year old this kind of a present along with her 4 year old sister — seems like trouble already.

The story itself is great. A nice stand-alone piece that involves a lot of running, hiding and problem solving. You’re going to see some very helpful shadows and lots of spider webs. Yuck. Plus on top of an intense story Jay Fotos has done a magnificent job bringing the home and family to life. The time spent on building each character’s look and personality is evident and the details are amazing.


Is It Good?

Besides me not liking spiders at all this issues is fantastic. If you’re a fan of the original series you’re going to love Locke & Key: Small World #1. Keeping with the theme in the other issues you will find yourself miserably confused on where to look at times. I’m still not actually sure how much of the events happened inside the dollhouse or the actual house. And if you’re not sold yet there is a kitty named Tiberius.

Locke & Key: Small World Review
Intense story.Great characters.Fabulous artistic style.
Spiders. Come on, they're a con for me!Hard to tell which way is up.
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