In Ultimates2 #2, the team that tackles the universe’s biggest threats is reassembled just in time to face a threat from the universe itself. Can the newly palette-swapped Galactus remain the life-bringer? Is it good?

Ultimates 2 #2 (Marvel Comics)

Get with the program, Carol — there’s too much at stake here! You don’t want the Ultimates’ first great success undone, do you? Because that’s what some of the other abstracts want, and they’ll do anything to make sure things are put back the way they’re supposed to be. Even if it means doing the unthinkable …

Is It Good?

… which, in Ultimates2 #2, at least, doesn’t mean chaining the personification of all that is, Eternity. That plot thread is skipped for the moment, as we’re instead treated to the return of Master Order and Lord Chaos, who act out like spoiled children when they don’t get their way, and perform the most heinous crime imaginable — or at least it would be, if it hadn’t already happened a year or two ago.

Writer Al Ewing builds on a different piece of continuity, from a Dan Slott Silver Surfer story set just before Secret Wars, to bridge the gap to this eighth incarnation of the multiverse, leading to the final judgment of Galactus’ place in it. It’s a nice “just be yourself” parable, if yourself has the power to either wipe out or revive entire planetary systems. The whole thing drags a bit, being stretched to fill out an entire issue, but at least we’re left in an interesting place to continue from in future issues.

You can understand what artist Travel Foreman and colorist Dan Brown are going for in Ultimates2 #2, but they just can’t quite pull it off. A battle of universal abstracts should be cinematic and trippy, which the team does achieve, but at the same time, the scenes from the superflow also look like they might have been completed in Microsoft Paint. Poorly-defined lines, inconsistent proportions and oversaturation abound.

Ultimates2 #2 is a stumble in an otherwise outstanding saga unfolding under the pen of Al Ewing. It lacks the humor and kinetic pacing of the previous issue, but the final outcome is interesting and promises continued intrigue in the near future. The art supporting the story, while well-intentioned, still makes this book feel less grandiose than it should. Despite the Ultimates’ mantra, it’s not always the huge problems that pose the biggest threats — sometimes it’s the simpler, more fundamental ones.

Ultimates 2 #2 Review
Story advanced, but slowly
Art drags the overall tone downThe big twist ending just happened recently -- doesn't have the weight it otherwise might
6.5Overall Score
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