Doctor Doom may be Iron Doom and out to enact some real change in the Marvel Universe, but Thing isn’t having any of it. After Thing’s new direction taking place in Guardians of the Galaxy #16, it’s time for him to kick Doom’s butt because he knows the guy is up to no good. He’s right, isn’t he?

Infamous Iron Man #3 (Marvel Comics)


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Why does this book matter?

Doom is no longer evil, but a good guy… or so he says. Doom has taken up the mantle of Iron Man, which means this book is more important than ever with the revelation of what happens to Tony Stark over in Civil War II #8.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Good thing Doom is already good at the come backs.

This is a very well written issue from beginning to end, with good dialogue throughout (it’s Brian Michael Bendis of course). Bendis bookends this issue with an interesting new character who will get folks talking and uses an interesting double page spread section of the book to tell a story that connects well to Secret Wars. Yes, this issue ties into last year’s big event and before you groan, it does it in a damn cool way. I wasn’t a huge fan of that event, but still found it fun for the most part, and this issue makes that entire event feel fulfilling.

Frankly, this issue validates the very existence of this book and should get fans pumped up for more to come. We’ve all been questioning whether Doom has actually turned into a good guy and the jury is still out. Given this issue though, maybe there is a chance he can change. Thing graces a few of the pages in this issue and he certainly doesn’t think so!

The art by Alex Maleev is solid stuff with great use of shadow and texture. Given how dark this book is you have to wonder if Thing is right as Doom is cast in an ominous way where he’s glowing, but pretty monotone in color with dark edges separating the iron plating. Colorist Matt Hollingsworth makes the images pop well given the abounding darkness; from the glow on IronDoom’s chest to the outdoor scenes that have a touch of yellow and tinges of blue to convey a sense of dismay. The purple magic that Doom throws around is quite pretty as well. There are some truly dark pages in this issue and I’m not sure artists other than Maleev and Hollingsworth could pull it off this well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s hard not to call this a perfect issue, because it’s damn near close. Infamous Iron Man #3 contains new information, key character moments, interesting ways of telling a story in the comic book format, and looks great while doing it. Call it a win all around!

A Mortal Kombat moment.

Is It Good?

If you’re a lover of events in comics, or simply just loved Secret Wars, this is a must read. Infamous Iron Man #3 is a fresh take on superheroes. Doom is ambiguous, which makes matters all the more intriguing.

Infamous Iron Man #3 Review
Great use of color and shadows to cast this ambigious hero into the darkExciting connection to Secret Wars, along with strong character moments, dialogue, and action too
Hard to say really, it's just that good
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