Teen Titans was already good before its Rebirth issue rebooted things, but writer Benjamin Percy has put on a clinic as far as first issues are concerned. By using Damian’s somewhat forceful methods, Percy brought the team together in a reluctant way. Last issue proved this isn’t a team at all and they need work, but can they regroup? Is it good?

Teen Titans #3 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

“DAMIAN KNOWS BEST” part three! After Ra’s al Ghul and the Demon land a devastating blow against the Teen Titans, the team is forced to regroup. Facing an enemy that knows them better than they know themselves, what chance does this young team have? And how can they trust Damian after everything he’s put them through?

Why does this book matter?

As far as team building is concerned, this is where it all starts. Meanwhile, Percy continues to build up Ra’s Al Ghul’s reemergence as his new right hand attempts to take out Damian for good.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Cool fight sequence.

Khoi Pham pencils this issue in a variety of great ways, from cool widescreen panels that show each of the heroes around a campfire, to Goliath working comically (boy is he big in this one). The flashback scene to open the book has some great fight choreography and you’ll never be lost concerning the emotions of the characters.

Regroup is the key word in this issue as the team attempts to figure out who just beat their butts and what Damian’s big plan was all along. Percy does a good job reminding us of each character’s place. Aside from an opening flashback that reveals Damian’s beef with his cousin (which helps solidify her deep hatred for Damian) much of this issue is focused on the characters sitting by a campfire talking. Percy is working towards building up the dynamics though it’s more of a cursory start here. There is a moment where Flash asks Raven how she does her magic, which got me very interested, but it’s unfortunately a false start. Generally you get a reminder of what makes these folks heroes and not much more.

There is a short scene with the cousin that helps convey the juxtaposition of her and Damian well. Clearly we’ve got two teams that need to come to a head eventually–the cover suggests it actually happens here though it doesn’t–and this issue develops the bad guy side well. Percy also builds up their relationships subtly so they aren’t just faceless villains.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There isn’t a lot to this issue in the scenes with the Teen Titans. While it’s all well and good to see the characters bonding, that’ll be important for the team building to work, not much of anything is developed here. It’ll all pay off when a call to action is required, but the heroes owe nothing to Damian just yet. Simply having them relate and open up to each other may not be enough, though that argument is for another day as no call to action takes place just yet.

Art wise the opening flashback was a bit off. Pham draws Damian’s face like a 10 year old or so, and then in another panel as if he’s 5. It threw me off and made me question when this scene was happening.

Dude looks tense.

Is It Good?

This issue isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t do enough to make it worth your time. It’s one of those issues that slowly builds up characters, lacks action, and will certainly pay off later, but could be skipped.

Teen Titans #3 Review
Key flashback and bad guy scenes help develop the villainArt looks pretty darn good throughout
The team regrouping feels forced and doesn't advance things much at all
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