If you’re looking for a Flash Christmas special, I guess this is it. Barry and Iris are FINALLY taking the time to go on a date. Kid Flash is holding down the protection of Central City. What could go wrong? Well, everything of course! Joshua Williamson and new artist Neil Googe bring this new chapter to life as Wally starts to become the hero Flash knows he can be. There’s love, pain and confusion as we get to see the aftermath of Date Night. Is it good?

The Flash #13 (DC Comics)


So we’re finally getting to see the long awaited date between Barry and Iris. First observation: I love the way the new artist is drawing Iris. She’s looking so much better. There’s a much more feminine look to her face and body structure. I mentioned having an issue with her in the first few issues so this was a great surprise.

The story itself reads like a great holiday special. The misunderstood villain is causing problems in town and the hero has to take a stand–but wait, that villain has a purpose. Overall, it really is a great story. Wally has an awesome presence and is finally seeming like an actual hero. There’s a lesson learned in a few places, which is always a plus when reading a good book. Barry and Iris’ sections are set apart from the main story but do offer a lot of insight into why these two haven’t gotten together yet. Honestly, I was pretty uninterested when I saw the cover but was pleasantly surprised by the inner workings. Never underestimate your favorite super hero.

Noticing the amazing work with Iris I was hopeful the rest of the issue would improve artistically as well. It’s not bad by any means but Kid Flash is looking a bit more like a goofy, cartoon version of himself. He’s not meant to be intimidating but given the situation I think he might want to look a little tougher.

The issue itself is a basic rescue story. You’ve definitely read or seen it before. It’s worth it for those of you that love The Flash but it’s not monumental.

The Flash #13 Review
Great character building for Wally againChristmas and suchBarry and Iris-finally!New art direction
Kid Flash is looking a bit goofyPredictable
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