The Flash is lost in the speed force as Kadabra’s plan worked! The bastard is also from the future and writer Dan Abnett has been laying down key details that seem to connect to the mysterious Mr. Oz (cough Watchmen cough). The first story arc wraps up here–is it good?

Titans #6 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

Why does this book matter?

Brett Booth was born to draw Flash. His lines are incredibly kinetic, the layouts practically panes of shattered glass, and there’s enough energy to make your pulse go up. Add in Abnett’s ability to write meaningful dialogue and you have the components to make a good team book.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Rut row!

Flash indeed is stuck in the speed force and while his adventure to escape is interesting, everyone will be talking about how this issue connects to The Watchmen. I wouldn’t say Abnett drops answers, but new details emerge that’ll get you talking. It’s a nice reminder there’s a bigger story at work and gives this team a bit more purpose.

The main narrative of this issue focuses on the rest of the Titans attempting to stop Kadabra now that Wally is gone juxtaposed with Wally’s time in the speed force. That allows Booth to play with a lot of action scenes that chew up the page count. The colors by Andrew Dalhouse and Carrie Strachan are practically worth the price of admission too. As Flash copes with his new life in the speed force there’s a nice yellow glow to everything that makes it feel angelic. Lilith Clay aka Omen’s powers look great in their glowing energy. There’s some neat use of rainbow like waves to help convey the change from the speed force to the now with a neat glow effect on Wally’s costume to enhance the moment.

There’s a nice sentiment in this issue expressed via Wally’s love of his teammates and the idea that it’s okay to wait for love. These elements ground the actions of the characters in an emotional reality that works to add character development to the issue.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The resolution seems to be one we’ve seen a thousand times before where the hero’s willpower is all that’s necessary to win. The general idea of how he pulls himself from the speed force connects to the team and their love for each other (in a platonic way), but it’s hard to deny that it’s overly sentimental. Given their history together it’s earned, though I’m not sure this story arc has shown their bond, but instead told us.

Pop goes the weasel.

Is It Good?

This story arc wraps up the Kadabra story with compelling revelations you’ll be talking about with friends. While the resolution is a bit hokey it’s a satisfying one that’s all about the bond we share with friends and lovers.

Titans #6 Review
Fun mix of action and Wally's fight back to our realityGreat use of color Kinetic and exciting art from Booth
A hokey reason for the resolution though it's a sweet sort of end
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