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Vigilante: Southland #3 Review

The trouble with being a vigilante is you’re still a criminal despite the good you’re trying to accomplish. Donny is finding that out the hard way in this issue, but is it good?

Vigilante: Southland #3 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

Donny has landed in hot water. Both literally and figuratively. The trail of his girlfriend’s killer has led him into a dangerous conspiracy, and the cops now think he’s a murderer himself. The only way out is to take a jump in the Pacific Ocean, but the mysterious assassin Spectros is going to make sure that the Southland Vigilante never comes up for air.

Why does this book matter?

A street level hero with no powers attempts to right the wrongs of the rich corporate bastards of America. Sounds like a story for our time. Add in the fact this is about a somewhat loser type character who is rising up to do something and you have a story most could relate to.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Is that an ice skate?

This story delivers on action, with Donny facing a SWAT team with little to no training. Artist Elena Casagrande kills it in these scenes, capturing the very realistic fighting and fleeing of Donny. These scenes do well to capture the dangerous situation Donny is in and how bad it can be when you’re not trained. Casagrande does a great job with quick scenes involving the S&M scenes, as well as a tragic example of why the bad guys need to be stopped.

I found this issue the most interesting of the first three. Gary Phillips shows more than tells, from Donny getting away by the skin of his teeth, to the tragic end to a character, and the use of social media and news to progress the plot. The training scene is a helpful reminder this comic isn’t a movie, but the real deal too. That’s the allure of a book like this, getting a realistic depiction of attempting to be a hero. You get bruised, beaten, and generally things don’t go your way. Phillips captures this feeling in more ways than one.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The cliffhanger was a tad confusing, but it might be due to a blow to the head. I don’t want to spoil things here, but it seems to come out of nowhere. Not enough was done to explain why Donny ends up the way he is which leaves you a tad confused.

Sick action!

Is It Good?

This is a solid issue in a gritty and realistic vigilante story. Vigilante: Southland offers gritty realism in a field that’s mostly extraordinary heroes. This issue progresses the plot and offers plenty of realistic action.


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