I have more than one friend who dislikes the younger aged Nova. They don’t want to see him in high school, and they don’t want the fish out of water newbie trying to make it stories. Still, the first issue of this series showed there’s great potential in where Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez want to take this character. I have faith, but is it good?

Nova #2 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? See the preview images with summary!

Why does this book matter?

Ramon Perez’s art may be worth the price of admission. There I said it. The kinetic energy in this book is positively awesome which is necessary given Nova’s power set. The cosmic elements are steeped with wonderment, which gives the book an outsiders feel since we’d all be in awe (as this book does) from the visuals Nova encounters. Add in Rich Rider’s inclusion and the dynamic is one to keep track of.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Pull up, pull up!

I liked the first issue, but I really loved the second. This issue brings the action and then some as Sam Alexander aka Nova rushes to save a falling Nova (when he thought he was the only one) and hopes it’s his father. It’s not of course, but Rich brings with him all kinds of personality and a dark secret that brings a bit of dread and drama with it. Outside of the opening action sequence, Sam introduces his family to Rich, peruses a space bar, and hangs with a certain talking dog. All in all, this issue has a lot to enjoy while furthering the dark secret Rich is hiding.

Most Marvel buffs however, will love a quick two page scene where Rich encounters the younger characters in the Marvel universe. Kid Cyclops, Ms. Marvel, and others all interact with Rich who has been away from the Marvel universe for some time. This allows the writing team to poke a bit of fun at the ridiculousness of what has transpired (and how easy it is to become an Avenger, apparently) and show Rich reflecting on how much has changed. The dialogue in this scene (and really the whole book) is on point and fluid.

The art continues to be a highlight. Even in Rich’s mask, you get a sense of kinetic energy–it’s a bit curved and sleek. The Novas travelling, in streaks of light, is sharp in a Tron like way that’s intriguing. Sam’s positive and take-charge attitude plays off well with Rich’s somewhat subdued and unsure attitude and it’ll be fun to see how their characters continue to work off each other. A certain space dog has some scenes that are great fun that Perez rendered in a realistic yet articulate way. He conveys emotion, yet is still an average dog (as average as a dog in a space suit can be, that is). Add in the varied and interesting looking aliens in the space bar and you have a very good looking book indeed.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s hard to fault this nearly perfect book, but I did find the cliffhanger to have come out of nowhere. Cliffhangers leave you at the edge of your suit if done well, and this one does–but with no buildup it seemed too quick for its own good.

Love those sound effects.

Is It Good?

Nova is shaping up to be my favorite superhero series in 2017. It’s early yet, but it has all the visuals you could desire with a complex dynamic of characters and a compelling subplot of stories.

Nova #2 Review
Strong dynamic between Rich and SamVery kinetic art that's unique and great all around
The cliffhanger comes out of nowhere
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