The mind trip continues as the Earth 2 heroes come to grips with a world that never knew of superheroes. Of course there’s a reason for that; unfortunately for them, it means they have to punch a lot of Sandmen. We explore its pages to answer the question: is it good?

Earth 2: Society #20 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

On the streets of New Metropolis, the Wonders battle the army of Sandmen sent to destroy them. But on this reborn world, no one recognizes the heroes, and their presence sends the citizens into a panic. Behind the scenes, the identity of the world-ruling Director is revealed. And he has a secret weapon that’s equally shocking.

Why does this book matter?

It’s all on Vicente Cifuentes to draw the heck out of the issue, and based on the last issue we’re in pretty good hands. Abnett continues to reveal more layers as to what this new world is, but how about some fun superhero fight comics?!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Don’t say Superman, don’t say…

This is indeed more of a fight comic than the last few issues as the heroes (who are called Wonders) take on the Sandman soldiers. Abnett and Cifuentes allow each hero to do a lot of fighting so if you’ve been itching for more action this is the issue for you. There’s a check-in with Batman, Huntress, and Batman’s son which does a bang up job establishing the stakes as they attempt to gain the trust of a hero from this new world. It’s subtle, but Fury gets a moment to reflect on this world’s imperfection since creating it from her mind.

Ultimately the plot doesn’t progress a lot, but the cliffhanger is certainly one I didn’t see coming. It’s especially grave considering what happened to Earth 2 the last time the villain attempted to take over.

Cifuentes draws in a highly detailed style and you got to give him props when it comes to environment detail. The fighting is more realistic because of the time spent on cars and buildings and the perspectives keep the action front and center. There’s an interesting smoke effect used over the Sandmen which gives them an additional weirdness that heightens the stakes for the characters in their respective scenes.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This issue certainly has a lot of filler content in the grand scheme of things. Batman’s scenes for instance, spend a lot of time (three pages) getting the characters to simply get out the door. The rest of the issue is action and since the Sandmen characters are basically faceless drones to punch there isn’t any stakes or emotional investment.

Whammmmmm! Did she hit a brick wall!/

Is It Good?

A fight comic from beginning to end that’s easily skippable. If you’ve been reading along there are a few subtle moments, and a cliffhanger to die for, but overall the issue is an average superhero fight book.

Earth 2: Society #20 Review
A cool cliffhangerA couple subtle character momentsOverall well rendered with highly detailed backgrounds
It's nearly all fighting which feels like filler (even Batman's scenes, which have no fighting!)
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