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Ms. Marvel #14 Review

Kamala is still trying to cope with the fallout from Civil War II, but her escapism quickly turns sour. Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #14 (Marvel Comics)


Kamala is taking a break by playing a little World of Warcraft with her guild, when one of her guild members drops a weird comment before they go offline: her address. She manages to track him down, but discovers his account had been hacked.

Suddenly, our connected world seems very sinister, and Kamala is faced with an enemy even her giant fists can’t hit.

Is It Good?

One of my favorite things about Kamala and the Ms. Marvel books is that while they deal with heavy issues, Wilson always remembers that she is a teenager, a dorky one, and having fun and being silly is an integral part of Kamala’s character. So I love that this issue opens with a WoW campaign, complete with inside jokes (that I had to Google sorry).

While not a lot happens in this issue, we get more insight into Kamala’s character and the issue that this mini-series might be tackling: privacy in the internet age. Like every masked superhero, Kamala has a lot to protect, and having someone so easily be able to find her true identity is terrifying, and the fact that this is someone or something completely online, that she can’t physically fight makes it even scarier.


The art team does a great job throughout the issue, but especially how much fun they had with the WoW scenes. Ian Herring’s colors make these scenes pop, and I spent a lot of time on these pages because of it.

While online privacy isn’t exactly a new topic, I trust Wilson and team to make this story interesting and this first issue did a great job of setting up the coming story.


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