The Suicide Squad has basically taken over DC Comics as of late and their event going on against the Justice League is ample proof. This issue is a tie-in of sorts as it explores a separate mission for the new team lineup. Artist Riley Rossmo takes over for Jim Lee, but is it good?

Suicide Squad #9 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:


Why does this book matter?

Riley Rossmo brings his talents to this team book which means we’ll get a lot of kinetic energy and fun action.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I want to see a story where she’s happy.

This issue serves as a nice done in one affair as Rob Williams and Si Spurrier has the Suicide Squad take on a super team from a island near Japan called Jangsun. It’s basically a fill in for North Korea, and Williams has a bit of fun introducing some Jangsun heroes with powers that we’ve seen before (a speedster, a character who can get large, etc. etc.) and a secret to their power shows how good Williams is at coming up with fresh ideas. Lobo continues to be a highlight, and the general team is less a team and more a ragtag group of vigilantes. To see them take on the Jangsun heroes is fun and isn’t as pointless as you might assume due to Williams delivering some fun captions explaining all their powers.

The trick of this issue is how it all comes together by the end. A strong case is made about Waller’s ability to control a Suicide Squad without bombs in their heads and the reader questions it too. Waller is pushed a bit as her control is questioned, but there’s a satisfying conclusion to this build up.

Rossmo continues to be an artist I can’t get enough of. His style is organic and pleasing to the eye, giving each character a unique and cool look and feel. Lobo, for instance, has his skull knee pads and flowing black hair that make him like a heavy metal superhero. The action is easy to track and the punches brutal. A very cool double page layout showing god versions of the Suicide Squad members is big and quite something to look at. The color by Ivan Plascencia gives Rossmo’s art a low key and more realistic feel.

It can’t be perfect can it?

While the trick of the issue involving Waller is a clever bit of writing the issue itself doesn’t seem all that necessary. Entertaining? Sure. But as a tie-in it doesn’t add a whole lot.

A motley crew.

Is It Good?

Suicide Squad #9 features an international battle with high stakes and a clever twist that focuses in on Waller’s ability to plan. If you’re up for a done in one story with a Suicide Squad lineup that’s not conventional, this is a must read.

Suicide Squad #9 Review
Solid art as always from RossmoA clever bit of writing for Waller's characterCool new heroes of a foreign country face a very evil Suicide Squad
As a tie-in it doesn't seem to fit all that well into the event going on
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