They’re back! Well, kind of. The Rouges have been absent from Central City for quite a while now. The Flash has had plenty to do but no extreme residential villains have appeared since Captain Cold and his crew left. At some points when their paths cross, you can even see a bit of hero show up in The Rouges’ nature but overall they’re just delightfully evil. Barry is curious now; where have The Rogues gone? He finds himself on the hunt for the Blue Collar team of outlaws and stumbles across something that could be a big problem. Is it good?

The Flash #14 (DC Comics)


Barry is finally doing his best to actually have normal dates with Iris. Everything seems to be going well but he’s starting to wonder about the old Flash foes. The inner dialogue that starts this issue is very informative of what’s happened with new villains that show up in Central City. He goes on about The Rouges and explains their origins and who’s who in the group. You get to see a little image of each which I personally enjoyed. It’s great to put a face to a name you haven’t seen in a while.

The news media isn’t really interested in the villainous actions of Captain Cold so Barry turns to investigation. We get taken on a ride through the underbelly of Central City as he searches for known associates, family and friends of the group. All the while our wonderful Kid Flash is doing some side work with another famous team, and Flash isn’t pleased.

The end section is pretty epic, and I for one am excited to see where the story takes our Hero. We get to see a glimpse of what Snart has planned and then a big flashy ending always makes for a good cliffhanger.

The issue jumps around a lot. There are references to at least three other teams and we get to see the start of a few different possible storylines, but if you miss it the first time you’ll have to try again. I had to read through about three to get all the stories together.

And oh, the art! I’m so glad Di Giandomenico is back! I missed this version of the Flash and I forgot how much I appreciated the time spent on each character–mind you Iris has gotten a bit masculine again, but I’ll take it. The images I spoke of before with each of the villains look as if they’re taken from past issues and they make for a great variation with the new artwork.

The Flash #14 Review
The Rouges are returningAmazing artworkFun backstory sections
Messy, very busy storyFemale characters are a bit masculine again
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