This planet still sucks! With Rocket’s chances of getting off the planet getting slimmer, he’s got to find some help locating his friend. Unfortunately for our angst ridden raccoon, this will not be an easy task. Aliens are in hiding. There are people hunting them for fun and there aren’t too many friendly faces out there looking to help. Matthew Rosenberg brings another action filled story to life as we meet new enemies and alienate new friends. Is it good?

Rocket Raccoon #2 (Marvel Comics)


I’m not too proud to say that the first encounter with an alien hunting human got me laughing. I wasn’t expecting the one liner and it hit me right in the face. That being said the dialogue is still amazingly on point for our former Guardian. There’s a bit more drama happening with this issue. Instead of watching him deal with humans for most of the story we get a view of his interaction with his own kind, I guess you could say. Not that I expected it, but he’s not a friendly character. It makes for great interactions between him and other characters. The fact that you can forget he is supposed to be on the good side gets bypassed. He’s his own personality and at one point even mentions how it’s weird there’s no one around telling him “not to murder people” that he needs information from.

The art, again, is done really well and brings the slums of the Earth to life. I’m really starting to like the style that Coelho brought to the issue. If you’re into gritty and dark that’s what you’re going to find. Though, there are a few pages that could have had a bit less involvement. There’s a section where he’s running from the cops, and the idea is great–slow cops not really understanding what they’ve seen, but the way it’s shown took me out of the story for a minute. I would say the back and forth of the style was distracting. There’s also a page where we see most of the aliens he encounters. It’s a lot of aliens and it’s very repetitive. They really could have cut out about five of them and still have a great scene.

So far I am really excited about this series. The sarcasm and inappropriate behavior is on point. I definitely see amazing things in the future for Rocket.

Rocket Raccoon #2 Review
Great humor, got me laughingFantastic interactionsAmazing use of color
Extra unnecessary interactions that slow down the story
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