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Catwoman Cosplay by Mel Meow

The romance between Catwoman and Batman has been heating up recently in Tom King’s Batman narrative and Brazilian cosplayer Mel Meow is right on cue with this Adam Hughes-inspired Catwoman cosplay.

The aptly named Mel says, “My motivation for doing cosplay of Selina Kyle came after watching the animated short film called “Catwoman” which was released as a bonus in the animation of the comic Batman: Year One. In that short, [I] could see sensuality and strength just right, because it was much more tough and adventurous than I had ever seen before. I also loved the uniform, seemed more functional, clothing was of a less shiny fabric and seemingly more comfortable, no high heels, no tail and using night vision goggles instead of masks.”




Support Mel Meow’s cosplay on her Patreon page.

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