Green Arrow is still somewhat of a stranger in his own city as his company has yet to be put back in his name and he’s more a vigilant than ever. This issue delves deeper into an ex-cop who has some deadly means of cleaning up the streets that should ramp things up and with Juan Ferreyra back on art this might be one for the record books. Is it good?

Green Arrow #15 (DC Comics)

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Why does this book matter?

Aside from Ferreyra being back, which is probably big enough reason to read this to begin with, writer Benjamin Percy is building up a bad guy vigilante that should push Ollie into dangerous situations. Guns versus arrows, who ya got?!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pain moon light?”

Once again, Ferreyra’s art is a real treat, with very atmospheric color and compelling page composition that can make even the simplest panel feel complex. There are a few complex double page layouts that are quite intriguing which help pull you into the story; from the bad guy walking the halls of a prison down the middle of the book with cells to his left and right, to what appears to be shattered glass wrapping around Ollie as he reflects on the past, they do well to add a layer of visual storytelling to the proceedings. Faces and facial expressions continue to be a way for Ferreyra to draw you in as well.

The story itself is action packed akin to something out of Lethal Weapon; that includes a car chase, postulating villains, and cool surprises. Black Canary continues to be a fun addition to this series and I’m starting to wonder how a Green Arrow comic could continue without her. The relationship between she and Ollie continues to be a sexy and romantic wrinkle in the book that gives the book an emotional core that’s hard to deny.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This issue has a repeating action movie cliche when it comes to the villains. They seem to move about as they please even when Ollie is mere feet away in order to progress the plot. When the villain can get away with ease like in an Adam West Batman episode you can do better.

Boss layouts.

Is It Good?

Green Arrow #15 is action packed with a Lethal Weapon vibe that’s hard to resist. This issue progresses the villain’s plot and looks gorgeous doing it.

Green Arrow #15 Review
Gorgeous artAwesome action that's fast paced and fun
The villains seem to move about with ease to appease the plot
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