The future looks dark! In this issue, Omnikron, ravager of worlds, is loose in Los Angeles—and only the Impossibles stand in the creature’s way! Then, Mightor and Birdman take a very unfortunate shortcut that may never bring them back to Earth. Plus, Dr. Zin’s deeds come back to haunt him as he and Dr. Quest try to escape from F.E.A.R.’s underground base…is their last, best hope a bunch of kids and a robot without a brain?

Future Quest #9

Written by: Jeff Parker
Art By: Ron Randall, Evan “Doc” Shaner
Cover by: Evan “Doc” Shaner
Variant cover by: Carlos D’Anda
Release Date: January 25, 2017





  • Nabil Al-Murabit

    This is f’ing awesome. So Dr. Zin and Dr. Quest are working together. I see that the Space Ghost kids have been worked into the story. Will we see a Space Ghost/Birdman team up? That would make for a great movie

    • David Brooke

      I hope so! So far Space Ghost only just recently joined them and he’s pretty banged up right now.