I’ve been a fan of crossover events as of late, particularly the IDW/DC TMNT/Batman and Star Trek/Green Lantern events. With the Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern crossover beginning this week I had to ask, is it good?

Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1 (BOOM! Studios/DC Comics)

So what’s it about? Read the preview to find out more.

Why does this book matter?

In Robbie Thompson I trust. From his fantastic Spidey series to Silk, the guy knows how to entertain and he wrote the story here. The art by Barnaby Bagenda was fantastic in DC Showcase and I expect it to be great here too. The scripts by Luther Strode writer Justin Jordan shouldn’t be bad either!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Who is the mysterious cloaked man?

The general plot of this issue is easy to follow and sets the stage for the confrontation we all want: Ape Lantern goodness! Similar to the Star Trek crossover, Sinestro is at it again meddling and screwing up other timelines and dimensions. This time there’s a mysterious ring that’s different from all the rest and luckily (or maybe not) it lands in Ape hands. This issue focuses on the Green Lantern Corps dealing with some Orange Lantern policing, thoroughly combines the two properties, and introduces a mysterious group that will assuredly play into the reason for all of the actions in this book.

A solid win for this issue is the development of an Ape character. His purpose is strong as the hero of sorts, though he loses his way. Their transformation should be compelling as they deal with an identity crisis that’s going to end up creating a lot of conflict.

The art by Barnaby Bagenda is good, with nice colors by Alex Guimaraes. There’s a slight cartoony feel not unlike Humberto Ramos’ work with good use of kinetic energy and fluid lines. The colors do well to make the Lantern light glow.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s a bit of a shock there’s not much use of constructs in this issue. Aside from a hammer, a box, and some chains, there’s only energy blasts. If you knew nothing of the Green Lanterns you certainly didn’t get a good view of their capabilities!

The plot is generally understood, though Sinestro’s meddling is unclear. How or what he’s doing isn’t obvious and it’s unclear whether he’s directly involved with the Ape who found the ring. Speaking of the ring, this story isn’t the most original of tales, especially with the Phantom Ring popping up in Green Lanterns‘ very last arc! It’s poor timing to say the least, but if you haven’t been reading Green Lanterns you’ll be none the wiser. It’s certainly an intriguing idea that hasn’t been mined enough, but it’s disappointing we’re seeing it again so soon.

Maybe get her a bra without holes?

Is It Good?

The pieces are in place to make this a fun crossover. If you’ve been reading Green Lanterns, though, you’re going to be sorely disappointed with a recycled idea that’s the main point of interest in the storyline.

Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1 Review
Sets up the conflict and Ape character wellGenerally strong art throughoutThe idea is great but...
...we literally just saw it in Green Lanterns!Unclear what Sinestro's plan isNearly no constructs. WHAT?!
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