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Old Man Logan #17 Review

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely you’ve either purchased a comic book in the past or plan to in the future. You know what I know – comics are expensive. And if you have a monthly budget, you certainly can’t buy every book on the stands, no matter how cool their covers look.

I’ll cut right to the chase – Old Man Logan #17 by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino is well worth your hard-earned $3.99.

Old Man Logan #17 (Marvel Comics)


The more reviews I write, the more I force myself not to spoil great reveals. It happens far too often on our attention-driven internet. So, no, I won’t spoil this issue’s last-page reveal, but boy is it a cool one that’ll leave you wanting Old Man Logan #18 ASAP! Maybe that’s why Marvel is double-shipping this series in February.

Last issue, Logan blasted off into space to save his old friends Alpha Flight (and I mean really old for this version of Wolverine), who had been attacked by the Brood. He couldn’t remember how, but his confrontation with these insect-like aliens returned him to the Wastelands he called home before arriving in our current timeline. Did I mention Avengers villain Kang kidnapped Bruce Banner’s baby grandson, who was under Logan’s care at the end of Mark Millar’s original story?

Lemire takes readers on a wild ride, moving Logan between the Brood plot in space and the story in the Wastelands. It’s confusing at times and you wonder where exactly the story is going, until you realize the twists are there on purpose. You’re experiencing what Logan’s experiencing, but don’t worry–that last page reveal puts everything in perspective.

In the hands of a lesser artist, the confusion Lemire sews may make you throw this comic across the room. Fortunately, Sorrentino and his gorgeous images are your guide. You can tell Sorrentino’s having a ball bringing Lemire’s scripts to life.

OML2016017_int3 4

From a two-page, minimalist spread early on in this comic to panels in the shape of Kang’s iconic face mask, Sorrentino proves he’s committed to delivering a unique, visual storytelling experience. Just saying, there are more than one pages in this comic that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern art museum.

One complaint I do have about this issue is the appearance of Kang and the kidnapped baby plot. Not just because Kang is currently dominating the first arc of Mark Waid’s new Avengers series, but that the Vision kidnapped a baby version of Kang not too long ago. A little too much of the same too close together.

But, too much Kang is a small price to pay for comics this good. The next issue, Old Man Logan #18, has the potential to be the best part of this current arc as its main plot stands revealed. So if you’ve only got enough cash for two comics in February, you might want to make it an Old Man Logan month.


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