Okay, this is an odd one for me.

Empowered and the Solider of Love #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

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While I had seen this comic before, I’ve never actually reviewed it, thinking it was kind of a Frank Cho/Spider-Woman thing where we get a lot of T&A at the expense of the story, or at least distracting from it.

Instead? This does have a lot of T&A–not always a bad thing, but the story is quite funny, and holds back nothing in poking fun at itself. Empowered, for those of you who are unaware, is the blue starry lady up top. She hilariously describes her super career as follows:

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Brilliant. If you showed me a superheroine book where she loses half her costume all the time, I’d be like oh COME ON, what is this? Gen 13? (Hey-oooo!)

This allows them to STILL do that, but hey, now it’s comic relief, and they still get to draw lots of boobs.

Is It Good?

Alright, granted, I’m not really the target audience for the sexy side of this book, because I’ve seen skimpy superladies before, and I’m really here for the articles. Oddly enough though, the story holds up.

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Empowered is a clueless twentysomething (i think?) with a perfect body and superpowers. This book really goes into the comedy of what that might be like–like a guy whose giant powers, alcohol problems, and a broken heart could easily lead to some property damage:

Note: that’s a giant tear, like from the giant guy’s eyes. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I enjoyed this for a few reasons. It really is smart and self deprecating, and when you name a black superhero CosMOS DEF, I’m already sold.

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I’m curious about this book now. It’s satire with sex appeal. Nice, job half-naked super booby hero. First you got my attention, and then you got my interest.

Empowered and the Soldier of Love #1 Review
Does NOT take itself seriously.This might be the first book since 70's Spidey that knows the real problem with real life superheroes is the huge amount of wardrobe damage.
Sexy pin-up supergals are kind of meh, but this plays it for a laugh while still drawing a femme fatale. -10 points from Gryffindor, but good try!
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