Genres are melding in Green Valley faster than you can say dinosaur attack! We check out the latest issue in this knights meets dinosaurs meets wizards series, but is it good?

Green Valley #5 (Image Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

END OF THE LEGEND The Knights of Kelodia’s quest to rid Green Valley of the evil wizard Cyril takes an astonishing turn-and nothing in their lives will ever be the same.

Why does this book matter?

Max Landis has been writing a wild series that seems like a fantastic movie pitch due to plenty of spectacle and continuous plot surprises. The last issue revealed what we all saw coming, but delivered big action due to Giuseppe Camuncoli’s great pencils.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

So those are killing machines that’ll eat you.

If you ever thought a group of knights would be no match for velociraptor looking dinosaurs this issue will dispel that notion right quick. The first 13 pages is all about their fight, which twists and turns, has a good bit of gore, and ends in a satisfying way. Customary to Landis, the actions not only affect the plot, but characters as well. The remaining pages reveal more of the wizard with a key vehicle in his employ that adds a new wrinkle to his current position. More violence ensues and the cliffhanger is one that leaves me wondering what direction the next issue will take.

Camuncoli continues to draw a good comic. The lines aren’t quite as clean as they were to start the series, but with less time and deadlines in the way they’re darn good nonetheless. The dinosaur action sequence to start the book are very well done as you’ll never lose sight of who is where and what is happening. Considering characters are climbing in and out of a log that’s saying something. The wizard’s vehicle is quite something and you have to dig what’s inside, as it’s inventive and makes it quite clear what he’s up to. As always, you’ve got to appreciate the time Camuncoli puts into environments and backgrounds. It’s very clear we’re seeing action taking place in the middle of nowhere forest.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The surprises in this issue aren’t so much surprises as confirmations. Landis has laid out minor details via dialogue which have rendered the surprises somewhat ho-hum. The amount of pages spent on the dinosaur battle ends up making this issue’s plot move much too slowly too. We basically get more of what ended the last issue and it plays out as you might expect. With the wizard reveals not adding much and the dinosaur battle running on too long, this series is starting to drag.

Sword vs. teeth. Who ya got?

Is It Good?

Though the story is dragging, Green Valley #5 is still good science fiction meets fantasy meets historical fiction. Landis is writing a villain you want to die oh so badly and that’ll have you back for more on top of everything else.

Green Valley #5 Review
Art is keeps the action clear and tightThis wizard bastard needs to be offed already!An interesting reveal or two...
Though at this point a few reveals are predictable. Add to that the dinosaur battle running on way too long and this issue is too slow for its own good
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