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All-Star Batman #7 Review

If you want to make me not care about a Batman story, then a good way to do that is having Poison Ivy be one of the characters…unless the story is being written by Scotty Snyder…and it ties in with last month’s superb All-Star Batman #6. Add in artwork from Tula Lotay, and I’m ready to give Dr. Isley a shot.

All-Star Batman #7 (DC Comics)



  • This plant shop dude needs to slow his roll.
  • “Now go pay for your kid’s school, you ass.”
  • Okay, I’m liking Poison Ivy more already.
  • I have no idea what she’s saying right now, but she sure looks good saying it.
  • The strike force from last issue just went from cool to sinister.
  • Gotta be all types of awkward when someone starts talking some legitimate smack about Bruce Wayne to Batman.

The Verdict

Even as a longtime fan of Scott Snyder, I was still skeptical about his ability to make me enjoy a Poison Ivy story. Thankfully, All-Star Batman #7 has proven me wrong.

In addition to the issue’s gripping narrative, Snyder perfectly blends Ivy’s sensuality (which is normally the crutch most writers seem to rely on) with her intelligence (and passion) as a scientist. He even manages to sneak in the “SHE MIGHT STILL BE A GOOD PERSON” trope Ivy’s often saddled with in such a way that it actually ends up feeling genuine. It also leads the story down a path that is ultimately as enjoyable as it is tragic.


About the only thing I didn’t like was a lettering cheat that was used to cover up a fairly obvious “twist” anyone who has read a Batman/Ivy story could see coming. This was also the first time that I did not enjoy the Duke-centered backup story, partly because of the resolution to last month’s cliffhanger, but mostly because it suffered from being a middle/transitional chapter.

Otherwise, this issue was a fantastic read. It stands perfectly well by itself, but ties in wonderfully with the overarching plot that Snyder is crafting. I’m incredibly interested/excited to see where things end up going with this doggedly persistent strike team.


On the art side of things, Lotay’s work is gorgeous. Almost every panel looks like an art house print while also leading Snyder’s script along perfectly—particularly with regards to the characters’ reactions over this very bizarre and heart breaking situation.

So yeah, I liked a Poison Ivy story. Kind of loved it, actually. Considering that next month’s issue features a villain I already like, All-Star Batman may finally be starting to take its place as my go-to Bat title.


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