CLONE CONSPIRACY TIE-IN! Cindy Moon is still on the West Coast, operating as SILKWORM to protect her secret identity. But the Jackal’s nefarious operations have started to hit close to home when Cindy’s ghost-powered and sometimes-boyfriend Hector (A.K.A. SPECTRO) gets caught in the middle! Fortunately, Mattie Franklin, the original Spider-Woman, is alive and well again, and happy to lend a hand…or six!

SILK (2015) #17

Release Date: February 15, 2017
Writer: Robbie Thompson
Penciller: Irene Strychalski
Cover Artist: Helen Chen

SILK2015B017_int_LR4 2

SILK2015B017_int_LR4 3

SILK2015B017_int_LR4 4

SILK2015B017_int_LR4 5