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Gamora #3 Review

Things aren’t looking so good for Gamora as she’s not only tied up, but the entire planet she’s on is inescapable. Oh, and in less than 24 hours a black hole is swallowing the whole thing up! We delve into this week’s issue–is it good?

Gamora #3 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read our preview to find out more!

Why does this book matter?

Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa drew one of the most fantastic space chase sequences I’ve ever seen last issue. Their art gives this book a futuristic look that’s exciting and very visual. Nicole Perlman is writing an intriguing story for Gamora as she fights to kill the last Badoon–the race that eradicated her people–who is very much an innocent girl.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The odds don’t look good Gamora.

I’m really digging Perlman’s captions and characterization of Gamora. She’s a soldier, a killer and very much in need of her vengeance being quenched. The fact that she’s taken herself to a planet that’s impossible to escape simply to find her revenge is proof enough this is a mission that means everything to her. The premise behind this story is rife for drama, and all the while a ticking time bomb is about to go off as that black hole wants to suck Gamora and everyone else up. Also, based on how things turn out by the end you’ll definitely want to see what happens next.

I particularly liked how Perlman wrote the dialogue in a fight sequence in the later half of the book. It’s a lot given the action, but it flows very nicely and keeps the feelings and purpose of each character as they take a swipe at each other. It helps build up the very real notion that Gamora will kill this innocent girl simply because of her race. But then comes smashing down to reality when the cliffhanger drops. Nice touch!

The art team does an excellent job, though no spaceship chase sequences this issue. Instead we’re stuck on the planet just like Gamora, which is falling apart all around her. In an excellent full page spread, Checchetto draws a city in the distance, the sun rising, and the black hole looming above everything. This is not a happy place and you’ll never question the characters need to leave as soon as possible. The fighting–there’s a bunch in this issue–is also easy to follow.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The opening escape from Gamora is much too easy and it’s hard to understand how it even happens. I guess dumb luck, which hurts the level of heroics required for her to escape and seems to serve the plot more than anything else.

While I like the art, the muddy tones do wear on you. Backgrounds are almost always soot filled with a bit of red as if there’s fire, but no discernable buildings or environments. It’s certainly not like this in every panel, though in the Gamora fight sequence to close out the book there’s very little, which makes the pages feel a bit boring.

How convenient.

Is It Good?

Another good issue is in store for you this week as Gamora must continue her quest to kill every last Badoon. The dialogue is excellent and the cliffhanger even better!


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