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Green Arrow #17 Review

A fascist has taken office, a good cop killed, and the only thing standing between Seattle and the enemy is Oliver Queen. Can Green Arrow turn the tide?

Green Arrow #17 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

“EMERALD OUTLAW” finale! The biggest GREEN ARROW epic since the start of the Rebirth era comes to a shattering conclusion when Oliver, Emiko and Black Canary unite against the deadly assassin terrorizing Seattle’s most prominent citizens. But [REDACTED] won’t go down without a fight—even if it takes all of Seattle with him.

Why does this book matter?

Benjamin Percy has Ollie on the ropes as his fortune is gone and an old nemesis is ready to destroy him. This is the conclusion to the Malcolm Merlyn story which means big climactic action!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I wonder how many arrows you can get out of a whole tree.

Percy writes a fine set of captions to open the book as Ollie prepares for war. As he cuts down a yew tree to make arrows he explains why he uses this type of wood; its meaning is symbolic and it serves as a calm before the storm as he prepares himself for what is to come. Considering this sequence takes up six pages the captions are important and work well.

The new politician in town–who sounds a lot like Trump–learns who is really behind Queen Industries in probably the worst way. This scene does a good job reminding us even though this politician is the worst, he’s not as bad as the bad guys. A check in with reporter Victoria is a nice reminder we may see more of her soon; she’s another character for Ollie to work with and Percy makes a strong statement about the importance of the media during a fascist takeover. Man, does that hit close to home these days huh!?

Action wise, Otto Schmidt does a good job as Ollie must face off against Merlyn in the woods. The setting is very clear and helps categorize the fight and make it feel unique. Schmidt showcases Ollie’s use of his gauntlets quite well and the sense of urgency from arrows is on point from key closeups. The opening adds plenty of beefcake for the ladies with Ollie shirtless and chopping down trees. It’s maybe a tad much, but he looks realistic in his hairy musculature.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The ending leaves you wanting more. It’s a classic deus ex machina which is somewhat expected with superhero comics. It does tie well with another character which gives it a bit more meaning, but it’s less than satisfying regardless.

He must work out.

Is It Good?

If anyone had doubts of Green Arrow’s place among the more established heroes this is a good issue to hand them. The opening clearly makes it apparent this dude is a hero to the core and with the action and plot developments so on point in this issue this is a book to keep your eyes on.


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