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Monsters Unleashed #3 Review

Monsters Unleashed is the kind of event that gets a pass if you’re fatigued by events in general–it has less to do with singular heroes and more to do with them reacting to an event as a group. This issue reveals major details in regards to why the threat is happening at all, but is it good?

Monsters Unleashed #3 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Read our preview!

Why does this book matter?

I really dig how this event switches artists with each issue. It allows it to change shape in a visual way, but also give primo artists the time to kick ass. This issue is drawn by Leinil Francis Yu who has had his fair share of event duties. Cullen Bunn meanwhile, is writing a fun monster mashup that raises the stakes ever higher this issue.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Pretty sure this is a fight they can’t win.

This issue opens where we left off as the heroes are surrounded and the odds don’t look so hot for them. Looking for monster battles? You get two gorgeous double page spreads of many different monsters going at it. It’s impressive how Bunn and Yu make this book all about monsters in its first quarter and yet the fun doesn’t drop one bit. Who needs those pesky humans anyway! The battle rages for a good 15 or so pages and it’s a lot of fun.

The remaining pages focus on Elsa Bloodstone and the heroes coming to grips with what they are facing. If you’ve been confused or frustrated with the lack of details on what is happening and why, breathe easy because nearly everything is explained here. The pace at which we’re given details is refreshing as most events seem to drag the simplest reveals longer than this event is taking. Two key flashbacks do a lot to reveal more about the boy and how his powers tie to epic events in the past. By the end of the issue you get a sense of what is going on and where the story is going. That’s important as monsters fighting monsters is fun, but you need more to sink your teeth into. That’s done well here.

Yu doesn’t disappoint, delivering his customary darker toned style throughout very well. He renders the classic monsters like Fing Fang Foom quite well and you’ll probably want to break out your backissues to see how they compare. Inkers Gerry Alanguilan and Michael Jason Paz ink his work well to capture the detail and depth of the monsters. Considering how high the stakes are raised the moody art helps convey the dark times these heroes face. You get plenty of heroes to, in panels jam-packed with them throughout the issue.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Surprisingly the Marvel heroes take more of a back seat in this issue. People who love monsters won’t mind at all, but I got the impression the heroes aren’t even necessary by the end of the issue. They’re facing a threat I’m not sure how they can fight and this issue seems to suggest they’re powerless to do a thing. We’ll see if they turn things around, but at this point fans of the heroes might be feeling a bit bored.

Monster madness!

Is It Good?

The scope is increased and major answers are revealed making this a satisfying third issue. Like a good action film, Monsters Unleashed knows how to ramp up the drama.


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