Despite having my full endorsement, Mark Shiffron’s term as interim mayor of Eden continues to be opposed by a sizable faction of the town’s criminal populace.

Meanwhile. Agent Bremble continues to get the Clockwork Orange treatment from Isaac Shiffron and his followers.

Postal #18 (Image Comics)



  • “I liked delivering the mail.”
  • Maggie knows what’s up—hence why she’s probably the best person to talk to Mark.
  • You can’t blame Laura Shiffron for sticking up for her son, but she’s dangerously close to soccer mom territory.
  • Agent Bremble flashbacks = Brutal.
  • Dang. Isaac’s a lot more powerful than I’d assumed.
  • Reason #18 Maggie is awesome: She can drop devastating truth bombs while still sounding supportive.
  • Reason #18 Mark is awesome (and a little scary): Whether it’s warranted or not, he can throw criticism right back at the source and also drop the mic.
  • Good lord, Bremble!
  • I don’t blame Mark at all for doing this, but I sure wish he wouldn’t…

The Verdict

Two things happen this issue that we’ve been waiting a long time to see:

1. Mark’s reaction to getting chewed out by someone he cares for.

2. Mark making what could objectively be considered a bad decision.

The first was riveting to watch unfold, especially the way in which he responded. I guess I should have expected Mark to be cool under any type of fire by now, but it was still surprising to see him so deftly (and calmly) push back against such biting criticism.

As far as Mark’s poor decision is concerned, it’s still completely understandable. He lays out the reasons for it in that perfectly logical manner of his that makes it feel impossible to disagree…but that still doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t be getting anywhere near this mess of crazy.


Speaking of bad decisions, I’m still not sure that the Agent Bremble we’ve gotten to know over the last few months would make the big choice we see near the end of the issue. Unlike Mark, he doesn’t offer much in the way of justification, instead allowing Isaac’s follower (and a brilliantly drawn flashback sequence by Goodhart) make the case for him. When Bremble does finally break, the action he takes doesn’t quite feel like a line he should be willing to cross just yet—all evidence of justifiable homicide not withstanding.

But despite my reservations about it, Bremble’s decision does have me excited for where it will lead. Both he and Mark’s chosen paths should offer a glimpse into both men’s psyches that we haven’t seen yet. Considering how deep Bryan Hill already dives into what makes Postal‘s characters tick, going further into those depths with Mark and Agent Bremble should make for even more unsettling (and highly enjoyable) stories.

Postal #18 Review
Mark and Agent Bremble both make surprising decisions that should lead some surprising/fascinating stories.Mark handles criticism in the way only he can, deftly taking it down with a blank expression and impeccable logic
Bremble's big decision should lead to some cool places, he his path to get there feels a little rushed.
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