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Star-Lord #3 Review

In this issue, Peter is settling into his new life, but will this be a permanent choice? Star-Lord #3: is it good?

Star-Lord #3 (Marvel Comics)


Peter has settled into a comfortable routine: working at the bar, visiting Mr. Allen, but he isn’t sure if he wants to make Earth his forever home. Then Daredevil comes to pay him a visit, revealing that $4000 is missing from the bank robbery Peter and Ms. Marvel foiled.


On top of that, Peter’s sister Victoria pays him a visit and she’s less than happy with him. And on top of that, something evil’s afoot within the supervillain ranks of New York.

Is It Good?

I love this book so much. I feel like I can’t even be critical about it, I just find the entire book delightful. Zdarsky and co. keep the book high and tight, with perfectly timed jokes, great repeat payoffs, beautiful art with sexy and hilarious pin ups; they even put jokes in the author’s notes, one of my personal favorite places for joke placement. (You’re right, Chip! Phone calls are the worst.) I love how they keep playing with Peter’s lack of knowledge about Daredevil/Matt Murdock:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.32.59 PM

Kris Anka’s celebration of male bodies continues and it’s amazing. The literal stars around Peter as he sits spread-eagled in nothing but tiny shorts made me laugh out loud. You are doing the lord’s work, Kris, ably boosted by the always fab Matt Wilson’s colors.

With all the humor, the story continues to swing along and never suffers for the multitude of jokes. I’m genuinely interested in the world they are building, I’m invested in the Allen’s father-son relationship, and I’m definitely intrigued by the supervillain bar situation.

Whenever I want to get away, this book is reliably one that can give me a break from my worries. Cheers, guys.


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