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Venom #4 Review

Remember when Mac Gargan used to be Venom? Now he’s the Scorpion again—and he wants to kick the new Venom’s ass.

Venom #4 (Marvel Comics)

VENOM2016004_int_LR2 3


  • Kind of weird watching the symbiote and Lee argue, but their banter is growing on me (pun totally intended).
  • The FBI guys just took a commanding lead over Lee in the “Who is the bigger douchebag?” sweepstakes.
  • I’m highly skeptical of both Lee and Black Cat’s judgment.
  • “We can be scary. We can do the scary face!”
  • Listen to the symbiote, Lee! (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that).
  • Mac Gargan may look like a Power Ranger, but he’s still deadly as hell…
  • …and kind of stupid.
  • Uh oh…

The Verdict

I still don’t like Lee—and I really don’t like the Scorpion’s new suit. And don’t even get me started on how dumb the villains are acting. But all those issues aside, this series is finally starting to interest me.

VENOM2016004_int_LR2 6

Of course, it certainly helps when you’ve got Gerardo Sandoval (with an assist from Juanan Ramirez) drawing an incredible fight sequence between Venom and the Scorpion. But I’m also really starting to like how Mike Costa portrays the symbiote and the way the organism interacts with its host.

I’m still hoping that Lee meets a grisly and undignified end—just not with the symbiote. I’m not sure what it says about the series that a savage, id-controlled parasite is more interesting than the main human character, but I’ll keep reading (and enjoying) the book if it continues its current upward swing.


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