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Marvel Preview: Thunderbolts #10

20TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! Once upon a time the Thunderbolts were the Masters of Evil?and if Baron Zemo has his way, their legacy will be reclaimed?with the infinite power of a Cosmic Cube! Captain America’s sinister plan for Bucky and Kobik begins to unfold. ‘Return of the Masters,’ the Thunderbolts 20th anniversary event, begins here! Along with our pulse-pounding lead story, this special oversized issue includes a brand-new Thunderbolts tale by series co-creators Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley!

Thunderbolts #10

Release Date: February 22, 2017
Writer: Jim Zub
Art: Jon Malin
Cover Price: $4.99

TBOLTS2016010_int_LR2 3

TBOLTS2016010_int_LR2 4

TBOLTS2016010_int_LR2 5

TBOLTS2016010_int_LR2 6

TBOLTS2016010_int_LR2 2


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