In this issue, things continue to get complicated for Captain Marvel, even back in space, and it’s only going to get worse. Is it good?

The Mighty Captain Marvel #2 (Marvel Comics)

CAPMARV2017002_int_LR2 5

Carol has fled…retreated back to the A.F.S.S., where life is supposed to be pretty straightforward. That’s until her powers decide to activate on their own, blowing out a power array, just as the film crew for the Captain Marvel tv show to arrive unannounced. And just when she’s trying to deal with them, the alien shapeshifter decides that’s the perfect moment to reappear and attack the station. Can things get any worse?

Is It Good?

Overall, this is a pretty good issue – the team seems to be finding their footing. There are some solid jokes:

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And overall the story is moving along and it’s entertaining. But there is still room for improvement; the pacing is still very odd, with scenes just not flowing well from beat to beat. And I think I have to admit that Rosanas’ art style is just not for me. But I really like the team of characters on the space station and Stohl does a good job writing the rapport between them.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #2 Review
Solid and entertaining storyReally like how the characters are developing
Uneven pacing continues
7Overall Score
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