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Rocket Raccoon #3 Review

Ready for another installment from your favorite trash panda? Well, here we go again. Rocket has gotten himself into more trouble stuck on Earth and is still desperately trying to find a way out. Accompanying him through the disaster that is his daily life are aliens, cops and an extremely deranged alien hunter. Matthew Rosenberg and Jorge Coelho have brought yet another bad day to life for this pissed off hero.
Is it good?

Rocket Raccoon #3 (Marvel Comics)


The anxiety level is high this week. Rocket is now not only trying to escape Earth, but he’s got a psychopath of sorts from Spider-Man lore chasing after him. The story itself this week is a bit more drawn out than the first 2 issues but it’s building whatever relationship these two are going to have throughout. We see a lot of Kraven the Hunter and get a bit of an idea why he’s chasing after Rocket. There are some big personalities coming out and Rosenberg does a great job of keeping Rocket’s personality together even after dealing with what seems to be a pretty worthy adversary.

Penciller Jorge Coehlo did a great job with the opening scenes. The chaotic meeting between Rocket and Kraven is really well done and you can feel the frustration with each new image. The aliens Rocket encountered before join up again for a bit, more to just complain about his actions and not really help with anything. There’s also a great scene with the cops where some pretty old names are dropped — I got an even bigger kick out of this since I recently conferred with fellowe AiPT! writers Nick Nafpliotis and David Brooke on one of them.

ROCRAC2016003_int_LR2 3

We get to see a little more insight into what’s happening on Earth and why we’re seeing Rocket being pursued. Besides the issue being a bit slower to get into, I really didn’t find many cons. This is a great stand-alone series so far and I’m looking forward to the rest. As usual, be ready for some hilarious one-liners and bad luck situations. Oh, and sarcasm-lots of sarcasm.


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