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Spider-Gwen #17 Review

More dimension hopping, awkward/adorable flirting, and a big guest star shows up in “Sitting in a Tree,” Part 4.

Spider-Gwen #17 (Marvel Comics)

SPGWEN2015B017_int_LR2 3


  • Peter Parker might be on to something: What if there are multiple Porcupines out there?
  • There’s a karaoke earth/dimension? Sign me up! (As long as no one else laughs at me when I predictably fail).
  • Still better than leaving a note, but still all types of cheesy.
  • PREACH, GWEN! Themed crooks really are the dumbest thing ever.
  • To be fair, I can never find batteries for my Fitbit. Maybe that’s what the themed crooks were stealing.
  • The Earth-65 version of Jefferson Davis is a colossal douche.
  • Gotta agree with Miles: Spider-Sense totally let him down.
  • That being said, this is kind of awesome to watch unfold.
  • Get ‘em, Gwen.

The Verdict

On one hand, this issue drags a bit compared to the others in the crossover. Aside from watching our heroes (and a couple guest stars) beat up a few inept henchmen, there’s hardly any action at all.

On the other hand, however, Spider-Gwen #17 offers what might be the best dialogue we’ve seen so far—which is really saying something for this story—courtesy of a great moment that I don’t want to spoil here. Let’s just say that if there’s one superhero friend/ally Miles didn’t want to show up while he’s with Gwen, it’s this one.

SPGWEN2015B017_int_LR2 8

As expected, the artwork and paneling are great. It’s also a real treat to see Robbi Rodriguez draw some major characters from the main/616 Marvel Universe. Jason Latour also voices both characters perfectly, particularly Spider-Man, whose dad-level humor contrasts perfectly with Miles’.

With the promise of a big revelation to come…and four great issues so far…Sitting in a Tree is shaping to be a classic Spider-Man crossover—or at the very least a great story. Either way, it most definitely belongs on every Spider-fan’s pull list.


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