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Marvel Preview: Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1

YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN SWINGS INTO THE MCU! PETER PARKER is just your average, nerdy, tech-loving teenager…until an unexpected turn of events lands him with the power to cling to walls and the proportionate strength of a spider! SPIDER-MAN’s foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins here, with part one of an adaptation of the blockbuster Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, which sees a rift between CAPTAIN AMERICA and IRON MAN rend a schism between the Avengers…with Spider-Man in the middle of it all!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1


Written by: Will Corona Pilgrim
Art by: Todd Nauck
Page Count: 22 Pages
Print Release Date: March 1 2017

SMHOMEPRE2017001_int_LR2 2

SMHOMEPRE2017001_int_LR2 3

SMHOMEPRE2017001_int_LR2 4

SMHOMEPRE2017001_int_LR2 5


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