Thanks for watching! A couple things I should have asked/noted in the video:

The Mezco Toys website mentions “gauntlets with magnetic attachments.” In my quick look, I saw no evidence of such. Anyone have more info?

Hiding in the back was a posing pole, but I saw no way to attach the pole to the stand!punisherpoleAlso included was a custom plastic bag to hold all the small parts. That’s a nice and much appreciated touch.

If you like what you see you can purchase it today!

Unboxing/Review: Mezco Toys Punisher ONE:12 Collective
Detail on the hands and weapons is amazing. Load and unload the grenade launcher!Just the right amount of poseabilityThe three faces of Frank!Artful and thoughtful packagingPlastic bag for the small parts is a nice touch
Felt clothing and loose breastplate/belt may be a turn-off for some.Stand is kind of flimsy, and how about that posing pole?Is it TOO gritty for some?
8.5Overall Score
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