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In her very first series, America Chavez punches her way into a new start. Is it good?

America #1 (Marvel Comics)


America Chavez has it all: team leader of the Ultimates, a hot and loving girlfriend, and the ability to defeat a powerful enemy with one punch (even if that seems suspiciously easy).

She’s decided it’s time to make herself even better by going to college. However, the plans she thought were set are thrown into disarray when Lisa tells her she can’t move to New York with her. And she maybe doesn’t handle that announcement well. And worse, her first day at her new school starts off on the wrong foot arriving late to class, but she’s lucky when a friend turns out to be a fellow student. However, their homework gets a little out of hand when America’s rash decision sends her off into a new adventure…one that may change the course of history itself!

Is It Good?

America Chavez deserved a bang of a debut and she gets a hell of one thanks to an excellent team and a good sense of fun. And more importantly, a strong sense of self. Marvel signaled what they wanted from this character by hiring a queer Latina to write it and Gabby Rivera delivers, giving a colorful picture of who America is and what her passions and struggles will be through this series. We also got a nice mix of battles, love scenes, school life, and friend interactions; it’s a wide scope to introduce America to new readers in lots of different circumstances.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.09.15 PM

I love that they also embraced America’s heritage by picking an entire team of Latino creators. Joe Quinones’ redesign of Chavez’s look is fresh and sporty and probably will be catnip for cosplayers–I especially loved her American flag tie top and jeans covered in flag patches. Jose Villarrubia makes those looks pop with his rich colors throughout the issue.

My one nitpick is that some of the inking on the lines is a bit thick, so in a few places it gets a little distracting. There’s a scene that should be adorable, with America holding Lisa, except their mouths are so overdrawn and inked that they look a bit like they have Joker smiles.

Overall, I’m really excited about this series and I can’t wait to see where the team takes America next.

America #1 Review
Get a great sense of America's character and how the series is going to workExcellent cast of characters and interesting locationsLove Quinones' character design and fashion sense throughout
Some of the line work in the inking is a little heavy
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  • Donah

    This was the single worst issue of a comic I have ever read.

    Instead of actually attempting to develop her character in any way that would make the reader actually like the character, the comic starts with everyone saying how much they love character… including characters who shouldn’t even know who she is, seeing as how the Ultimates were supposed to be a secret team, right?

    The dialogue is utterly cringe inducing. At random points, the comic just throws in random Spanglish, in case you forgot she was Hispanic. This comes off as being more of a racist stereotype. It also contains such gems as, “holy menstruation!” and “for princess Leia’s sake!”

    Instead of getting a well hashed-out LGBT/minority character, we’ve been force fed yet another one-dimensional stereotype, whom the author hopes that “DIVERSITY YASS” will make up for her inability to write. Her “queer poc” status is brought up every two seconds, in a way that doesn’t even feel remotely natural. At one point, she literally punches a monster of white light while shouting “taste my brown fist!”

    The plot consists of completely disconnected things,
    jumping from one irrelevant scenario to the next. At some point she
    dumps her girlfriend, which the reader has absolutely no reason to identify or sympathize with, given that she somehow managed to have even less character development than the protagonist. It ends with her jumping back in time, because reasons, and punching Hitler in the face, who just randomly happened to be standing in the middle of an active warzone, also because reasons.

    I would barely give this comic a 3 (out of a hundred), because the art and coloring is not the worst I’ve ever seen.

    Everything else about the comic is legitimately the worst thing I’ve ever read.

    • Jinny

      “At random points, the comic just throws in random Spanglish, in case you forgot she was Hispanic. ”

      Sooo it’s not possible America Chavez, a Latin American, would speak Spanglish like millions of other Latin Americans? What’s “random” about that? If she was randomly speaking French Creole or something you might have a point.

      • Donah

        If she’s trying to prove she speaks Spanish, and she’s a revolutionary
        leader or something, then “camaradas” or “hermanos” would sound at least slightly more natural. “Mi gente” is
        something not even politicians say anymore, it sounds like something Che
        Guevara might say, but not even actual communists nowadays. It’s the least of
        this issue’s problems anyways, but still.

        • Jinny

          She’s not “trying to prove she speaks Spanish”, she just…speaks Spanish. You know, because she’s Latina.

          • Donah

            But… she’s literally not “just speaking Spanish”.

            She’s speaking English, and throwing in random and improperly used Spanish language, completely unnaturally, between her speaking English.

            It’s like the author never even bothered to learn how multicultural and multilingual people actually speak, and just shoehorned in “ME GUSTA” every couple lines.

            That is completely racist, and anyone who praises this book for being some sort of ground breaking “diverse” comic is just as much of an ignorant racist as the author; REGARDLESS of the author’s background.

          • The author is a Puerto Rican from the Bronx. So, maybe she didn’t need to “learn how multicultural and multilingual people actually speak” because she is just that? Maybe your concept of Latinidad doesn’t match hers because you’re not from where she’s from? Now explain how any of this is racist. It’s one thing to not like the writing, or feel it doesn’t ring true to your experience, but you’re clearly trying to make a political statement out of your petty comic book review here and it’s really pathetic and exhausting. The only interesting part of your overexcited little screed is your obvious self-hatred. Your embrace of whiteness is so complete that you can’t even read a positive review of a comic book about a Latina without vomiting this garbage, and that is really fascinating to read.

  • Alessio Pinna

    Holy menstruation! Not even a comment on how bad the drawing is?