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America #1 Review

In her very first series, America Chavez punches her way into a new start. Is it good?

America #1 (Marvel Comics)


America Chavez has it all: team leader of the Ultimates, a hot and loving girlfriend, and the ability to defeat a powerful enemy with one punch (even if that seems suspiciously easy).

She’s decided it’s time to make herself even better by going to college. However, the plans she thought were set are thrown into disarray when Lisa tells her she can’t move to New York with her. And she maybe doesn’t handle that announcement well. And worse, her first day at her new school starts off on the wrong foot arriving late to class, but she’s lucky when a friend turns out to be a fellow student. However, their homework gets a little out of hand when America’s rash decision sends her off into a new adventure…one that may change the course of history itself!

Is It Good?

America Chavez deserved a bang of a debut and she gets a hell of one thanks to an excellent team and a good sense of fun. And more importantly, a strong sense of self. Marvel signaled what they wanted from this character by hiring a queer Latina to write it and Gabby Rivera delivers, giving a colorful picture of who America is and what her passions and struggles will be through this series. We also got a nice mix of battles, love scenes, school life, and friend interactions; it’s a wide scope to introduce America to new readers in lots of different circumstances.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.09.15 PM

I love that they also embraced America’s heritage by picking an entire team of Latino creators. Joe Quinones’ redesign of Chavez’s look is fresh and sporty and probably will be catnip for cosplayers–I especially loved her American flag tie top and jeans covered in flag patches. Jose Villarrubia makes those looks pop with his rich colors throughout the issue.

My one nitpick is that some of the inking on the lines is a bit thick, so in a few places it gets a little distracting. There’s a scene that should be adorable, with America holding Lisa, except their mouths are so overdrawn and inked that they look a bit like they have Joker smiles.

Overall, I’m really excited about this series and I can’t wait to see where the team takes America next.


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