Zorcrom is here and he is hell bent on destroying the planet for reasons as of yet unknown, and possibly the only thing stopping him is Harley Quinn…showing him how delicious hot dogs are?

Harley Quinn #15 (DC Comics)

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For a quick primer, let’s take a look at DC’s solicit:

“Red Meat” part two! Harley’s managed to carve out a kind of peace with New York’s corrupt mayor…but once she gets wind of his plans for the city’s homeless population, the deal is most definitely off!

After an impressively long string of hits, Quinn hit something of a nadir last issue in my opinion, especially following the macabre, brutal arc closer that preceded it. The biggest knock against it though was that it was mostly setup for the arc to come, so the hope was issue #15 would start to deliver on some of that setup.

The reality? Well, it does, to a point. Somewhat surprisingly, not a lot of this issue is action either, as the bulk of Harley Quinn #15 is Harley convincing her new overlord-to-be that Earth’s not so bad and maybe he should spare some if not all of the humans that inhabit it after all.

We also check in with the Constance Brand/Harley Sinn storyline that was kicked off last issue, though unfortunately it’s more of a refresher than true progression. The character and her situation are intriguing and she looks badass to boot, however, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Another important thing of note in this issue is Harley is a lot funnier than she was last issue. Sometimes the situations don’t call for her one-liners, but this issue is jam packed with them. Try to read her explaining to Zorcrom why it would behoove him to wear pants without at least smiling.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Harley is not well liked in the future.

Once again the artwork is shared by John Timms and Khari Evans, though there is also the addition of Joseph Michael Linsner who draws the flash-forward that kicks off the issue. And his work here is my favorite of the whole book. It’s got a distinct cartoony feel to it, but the shading helps ground it in reality and impart some of the grittiness Gotham is best known for, even in the year 2167.

As for Timms and Evans’ work, my comments from last issue largely stand, though Evans seems to have come into his own a bit more this issue. Faces look a lot less unsettling than they did last time (except for Zorcrom’s, but that’s intentional). There are a fair amount of gratuitous butt shots in this issue–where else would Harley keep her money?!–but if you’re offended by that you probably aren’t reading Harley Quinn. It’s standard fare for the series, and it’s drawn very well here.

Is It Good?

Harley Quinn #15 is, like its predecessor, something of a step back in story progression and action, though Conner and Palmiotti are clearly building to something in this arc. And with the major pieces in play, don’t be surprised if there’s quite the firework display once we get there.

Harley Quinn #15 Review
The story, while still slow moving, is at least going somewhereArtwork has improved, and the flash-forward is gorgeously renderedFunny as ever
Still very slow and a jarring change of pace
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