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Midnighter and Apollo #6 Review

Midnighter just kicked Nero’s butt who is basically the devil himself. Unfortunately for him that didn’t last long and now it’s his butt that’s being kicked. This issue wraps up the latest story arc–is it good?

Midnighter and Apollo #6 (DC Comics)

So what’s it about? The summary reads:

Midnighter always knew it wouldn’t be easy to fight his way out of Hell…but did he ever consider that it might be impossible? Even with Apollo’s strength by his side, some wars just can’t be won…is this never-ending battle finally over?

Why does this book matter?

Steve Orlando has written quite a story here with two lovers fighting to save each other from the grips of Hell itself. How badass is that? Fernando Blanco has been drawing one hell (heh) of a crazy version of the underworld you shouldn’t miss.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Brag, brag, brag.

Essentially this is a great escape that goes about as you’d expect based on how Orlando wrapped up the last issue. Apollo is free in Hell but lost, and unfortunately for Nero you can’t stop two lovers from finding each other. As they flee, Blanco’s art does a great job not only showing Apollo’s incredible strength, but also the creepy crawlies of Hell. While the last few issues had Midnighter going all out attempting to save his boyfriend, this issue lets Apollo be the hero and it doesn’t disappoint.

Outside of wrapping up the Hell storyline, Orlando reminds us there are supporting characters to keep track of. These characters add a somewhat supernatural angle to the series that I hope to see more of as it progresses. The issue leaves off reminding us this story isn’t over and the romance ain’t ending either.

Blanco kills it on this issue from the panels filled with demons chasing Midnighter and Apollo to the great detail in Nero’s upside castle. The use of smaller panels to convey the details of the demons chasing them–cricking their necks and wrists and looking downright creepy–is a nice touch too. There’s also a cool double page spread or two that convey movement quite well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

A sore winner.

Apollo has never been okay with Midnighter’s need to kill and it’s touched upon here in a not so believable fashion. Midnighter gives one of his long speeches as Apollo listens and it’s set up in a clunky way to make it less a meaningful conversation and more Midnighter just talking at Apollo. It’s unclear if the argument is truly over between them, though Orlando seems to suggest it’s an agree-to-disagree sort of issue. That doesn’t feel quite right, especially with how important it was to Apollo in previous story arcs. That leaves the last few pages less a period and more an ellipsis in an unsatisfying sort of way.

Is It Good?

This is a fine wrap up to the Midnighter and Apollo tour of Hell. They both come away stronger for it and readers will be waiting to see how the supporting cast evolves from here.


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