Kids’ comics. If your kid is reading them, you’re probably a bit torn. They’re reading, rock on!…I mean, it’s not Treasure Island, but hey–it’s something.

Let me tell you, parents of children who are old enough to read: you have it easy. I no longer get to judge kids’ comic books based on their merits, but by how well they hold up after I’ve been asked to re-read it for the 30th time to my three year old.

Super Powers #5 (DC Comics)

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 9.21.33 PM

Super Powers? It’s still quite fun by read 31.

So, maybe the plot’s a tad thin. There’s a New Krypton, a Braniac/Superman hybrid, some Darkseid action, and my favorite caption quite possibly in all of comics:


It’s not Shakespeare, but it knows what it is: a goofy and tongue-in-cheek presentation of classic DC heroes. This is fully designed for kids to get as much character recognition as possible, in a format that reminds me of the old Super Powers TV show.

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Reading this to my 3 year old pretty much went like this:

“Daddy can you read me this book again?”

“Ok buddy.”

*every five seconds* – “That’s Superman! There’s Batman! There’s….who’s that?”

“That’s Hawkman. No one cares about him anymore.”


He loved it. It’s bright, and the plot is simple and cute enough for kids to understand, and I will gladly read him anything he asks, so this is the best gateway drug possible.

If you’ve got kids, this is a great mini-series.

Super Powers #5 Review
Cute, colorful, and great for little onesKind of a good primer on who's who in the DC Universe. This one has Golden Pharaoh. WHO THE HELL IS GOLDEN PHARAOH?
It's a kids' book. What the hell could be a negative? Jesus people. It's cute! Go read it!
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