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Best Selling Comic Books: February 2017

February 2017 was a month dominated by DC Comics sales–Batman and Justice League each make three appearances in the top 10. However, the top spot was claimed by Marvel, proving their Star Wars license is one of the hottest properties in comics today. Keep reading for the full list:

Data provided by Comicchron.

#1: Star Wars: Darth Maul #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Estimated Units: 105,177
AiPT! Score: 7.0 (Read review)

“Even if this series does end up feeling inconsequential to the new Star Wars canon, the opening pages of Darth Maul #1 prove that we’ll at least get some exciting fight scenes to enjoy.”

#2: Batman #16

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 102,096
AiPT! Score: 8.0 (Read review)

Batman #16 is another solid story arc start from King. Although this issue is void of action and the decision to leave out what Bane has been up to seems ostensibly amiss — his dialogue is as sharp as we’ve seen and by the end you’ll be cogitating every story seed that King has sown, wondering what actions each and every character will take and most importantly, craving more.”

#3: Batman #17

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 99,637
AiPT! Score: 8.0 (Read review)

“Although the Dark Knight continues to make decisions that vex and the story has been somewhat haphazard and disjointed, now that King has moved the pieces around on the board to his liking and brought us to the inevitable Batman vs. Bane showdown, Batman has become too thrilling to put down for even a moment. Batman #18 can’t come soon enough.”

#4: Justice League of America #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 93,494
AiPT! Score: 7.0 (Read review)

“This is a decent first issue that should have folks worried if they want a true team book. There are some interesting dynamics in play, but for the most part this is mostly action with some jarring issues that reduce the entertainment.”

#5: Super Sons #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 90,345
AiPT! Score: 9.0 (Read review)

“It’s a pretty solid cliffhanger, albeit one that doesn’t tie into the issue’s robot-fighting prologue, but I’m looking forward to the next issue. Between the team-up, the family dynamics, and the internal conflicts, there is a surprising amount of groundwork laid with a relatively fun, small story.”

#6: The Walking Dead #164

Publisher: Image Comics
Estimated Units: 83,999
AiPT! Score: N/A

“A FALLEN HOUSE” Maggie leads the survivors from the Hilltop to Alexandria…to see it overrun with the dead. ALSO, HOLY CRAP! THERE ARE TWO ISSUES OF THE WALKING DEAD THIS MONTH!

#7: All-Star Batman #7

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 77,096
AiPT! Score: 8.5 (Read review)

“So yeah, I liked a Poison Ivy story. Kind of loved it, actually. Considering that next month’s issue features a villain I already like, All-Star Batman may finally be starting to take its place as my go-to Bat title.”

#8: Star Wars #28

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Estimated Units: 74,002
AiPT! Score: 8.0 (Read review)

“This makes up for the lackluster last issue as it brings important meaning to core characters of the Star Wars universe. Yoda’s journey is intriguing and it’s interesting to see him at this stage of his life and how he acts with other characters. Star Wars continues to prove saga mainstays like Yoda and Obi-Wan could use a film of their own.”

#9: Justice League of America: Rebirth #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 73,397
AiPT! Score: 6.0 (Read review)

“High hopes were placed upon Justice League of America to return DC’s former flagship property to its proper level of quality. The inclusion of Ivan Reis on the project certainly signaled that the publisher considered it meritorious of one of its top talents. But if Orlando does indeed have a seminal story to tell, it certainly doesn’t start in this superfluous and best-skipped Rebirth special.”

#10: Justice League #14

Publisher: DC Comics
Estimated Units: 65,458
AiPT! Score: 7.5 (Read review)

“Hitch focuses an entire story on communication between heroes before the big conflict as they discuss their trust issues and insecurities. The concept of Justice League #14 is sound, but no real change in character is shown rendering its purpose moot. Still, there’s a nice sense of scope and understandable issues are discussed.”


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