The witches are back and ready for action. Dynamite Entertainment has picked up the series and is bringing the trio back to life for new, demonic adventures. Erica Shultz and Maria Sanapo have taken up the task and with their first issue we get to see what’s happening in the Hallowell’s crazy life. Is it good?

Charmed #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)


The story itself follows the pretty generic path of the show–it definitely fits what I remember from it at least. There’s some sort of demon ready to attack and take over San Francisco (poor town) and the girls are up against the odds. The underlying drama of everyday life and being a witch seems to be the main idea of this issue. Their workplace habits and day to day get explained a bit. If you’ve seen the show at all you can pick up on the issue as there really isn’t much of a timeline gap. I would say this takes place a few years after the Pru character bites the dust, so it’s the new trio.

The writing really fits the characters, again from what I recall the personalities are pretty well captured and the sisterly love is all there.

Unfortunately, it’s not great. The book itself is going to be packaged for the teen reader, and it definitely fits that demographic. The characters themselves all look a bit…squiggly? Lots of curves for the sake of curves; the first image of them almost looks like a fun house mirror effect. I’m not a fan. There’s not a lot of story definition either–you can tell they’re trying to build up to something but it’s not quite hitting the mark. The premise is there but it could be put together a bit better. There are definitely a few scenes put in for character building but they’re pretty unnecessary.

Is It Good?

For what it is, it’s an okay teen read. You’d have to be familiar with the characters to follow along with the story, as it doesn’t go into much detail with background info. If your teen is into magic and such, however, or they are a fan of the show, it may be a good choice.

Charmed #1 Review
Follows the show premise wellCharacter personalities are on point
Awkward artUninteresting story
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