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Copperhead #11 Review

YES! After a very long break, Copperhead is back! Let’s check in and see how Sheriff Bronson is doing, shall we?

Copperhead #11 (Image Comics)



  • This new artist is good, but I still miss Scott Godlewski 🙁
  • Kicking things off with some childhood introspection and a major death.
  • Just because you have extra legs doesn’t mean you’re going to outrun Bronson.
  • I’ve missed Boo more than I realized.
  • Nice that we’re finally digging into the stuff with Clara’s ex on the run—while also providing ample evidence that he’s a Grade A douchenozzle.
  • We meet again, Boss Hog.
  • NO!
  • Ford is so far out of his depth/league.
  • Seriously?

The Verdict

As I said before, while I do enjoy Drew Moss’ pencils (which are excellent), it feels strange not having Godlewski on art duties. He and writer Jay Faerber had great chemistry, the quality of which will take some time to be replicated with the new creative team.

Also, I’m not entirely sure what to think of the direction the book is taking. On one hand, I’m excited that the subplot about Clay’s escape is finally coming to fruition. But as far as this story arc is concerned, some of Boo’s decisions left me scratching my head. His and Clara’s antagonism toward each other has always been one of the best parts of the series, but this feels like a major step backward from how things has seemed to progress between them before the series went on hiatus.

Still, Faerber is a safe bet when it comes to making a plot twist/shift pay off—and at least Godlewski has been replaced by someone who is not only talented, but appears to have a handle on the beautiful aesthetic that made the book stand out in the first place. As Copperhead was before, I’m more than willing to keep this one on my pull list and see how things play out.


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