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Harrow County #21 Review

You know how Emmy is always helping humans who are scared of demons? Well, this issue takes a look at what happens when the problem is reversed.

Harrow County #21 (Dark Horse Comics)



  • I’m not sure there’s anything more adorably sad than a scared baby cow named ‘Shaky’ drawn by Tyler Crook.
  • Priscilla’s pretty adorable, too (in a demonic kind of way).
  • Whoever decided to mess with Emmy’s supernatural friends is in for a bigger fight than they bargained for.
  • Reminder: Some supernatural creatures are still really evil.
  • Poor little haints 🙁
  • GASP

The Verdict


I did not see that ending coming. I really hope it’s not a fake out, because this could end up being one heck of a powerful/heartbreaking story…although it does feel a little out of left field. I’m sure Cullen Bunn will lay things out clearly next month, but after the initial shock of the reveal wears off, you realize there are lot of missing puzzle pieces will be hard to explain.

That being said, this is still a great issue. Crook does his usual fantastic work, making everything look beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Bunn is also at the top of his game, crafting one moment in particular (aside from the heart stopping conclusion) that had me on the edge of my seat like I was watching a horror movie. I actually started to scream at the comic itself, but that made my wife mad (which was even scarier), so I forced myself to silently enjoy the rest of the issue.

If what happened at the end of it holds true, however, then I may not be able to refrain from wailing in fear/excitement. Harrow County’s been on a good stretch of issues of late, but this new story arc is set up to potentially be the best one yet.


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