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Inhumans Vs. X-Men #6 – it’s finally here, and with it, the end of this controversial chapter in Inhuman-X-Men history. Despite a strong start, this event series dipped in quality a bit. But I’m happy to report the conclusion – by writers Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule and artist Leinil Francis Yu – delivers a satisfying end to this misguided war between species.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #6 (Marvel Comics)

IVX2016006_int_LR2 5We open where we left off, in Iceland (seems like everybody’s going to Iceland these days), where Magneto is about to drop a Blackbird on both parties. Thankfully, he doesn’t (because then you’d be paying $4.99 for a three-page comic book). But tensions are high as the X-Men and Inhumans prepare for their final battle, with the killer Terrigen Cloud approaching in the distance.

Making matters worse is the fact that Emma Frost, who sparked this entire conflict back in Death of X, makes it clear she’s there to kill the Inhumans. Yes, just as AVX slid Cyclops into the villain camp, Marvel seems determined to do the same with his former companion in IVX. We all saw it coming, there just seems to be no coming back from this one, which should upset Emma fans who enjoyed seeing her X-leadership role.

Emma is also a bit unhinged these days. At one point, she tells Karnak, “Flawed? Flawed? I’m perfect, you weird little–” before being cut off. Emma, chill. Save your crazed rants for Twitter. Around 3 a.m. seems like a popular time to post them.

If you enjoyed the all-out action of IVX #1, you’ll be happy to see this issue is loaded with a number of dynamic images courtesy of Yu. From Emma piercing Black Bolt’s armor with her diamond arm to Magneto unleashing his destructive fury.

It’s truly great to see Yu back on art for the final installment of this series. While Javier Garron is a capable artist, his pencils can be cartoony at times (like when Magneto was possessed by Mosaic in IVX #4). With stakes so high for both species, this series requires gritty images that carry the weight of the overall story. Fortunately, Yu is up for the task.

IVX2016006_int_LR2 9On the writing front, Lemire and Soule deliver a strong script that manages to surprise halfway through the story. I won’t spoil it, but the battle definitely takes a cool turn that keeps the fighting fresh.

As Marvel seems to unleash an event series every other month, they can become a bit formulaic. For example, the final issue of any of these mini-series often wraps up the plot then spends the final pages setting up new books you just have to buy! That really isn’t the case here, as that’s what the upcoming X-Men: Prime and Inhumans: Prime are going to do, but IVX #6 certainly hints at the new status quo for the two species – and one specific character.

In terms of complaints, it’s clear this event didn’t have to stretch out across so many books. And unfortunately, moments that should have received more of a spotlight are covered in too few panels, such as young Cyclops’ confrontation with Emma over the damage she’s inflicted on older Cyclops’ legacy.

But overall, I’m just very happy to put one of the darkest periods in X-Men history behind me and move on to the next story – even if it’s a “back to basics” approach that could pander to longtime fans more than it X-cites.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #6 Review
Leinil Francis Yu back on art makes a differenceAll-out action with a mid-issue twistThe Inhuman-X-Men chapter of Marvel history is over!
Looking back, this series didn't have to be so longSome moments deserve more attention than they receive
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  • Gains

    8.5 seriously? You really didn’t state why other than the art being good which I agree.

    How can the stakes be high for both? They aren’t, one is fighting for survival and the other just so they can have some powers. In IvX #4 Emma gave the order to change the first cloud into something that would be harmless for the mutants or inhumans. Flash forward to now and she wants the inhumans dead? So Medusa now feels some sort of guilt for giving Black Bolt the order to kill Scott but never showed it till now. This ending was a piece of trash to make Medusa the hero and Emma the villain.

    • Chris Hassan

      Thanks for commenting, @disqus_maCJkmRXKm:disqus – In terms of the stakes not being high, I disagree with you. The X-Men are fighting for their lives but the Inhumans are fighting to preserve their culture. They need the cloud for new Inhumans to gain their powers. And I don’t think Medusa and Black Bolt ever wanted to kill “Cyclops.” It was Emma’s mental projection of Scott that was about to attack Black Bolt and Medusa. They had to stop him from killing them. Overall, I graded the book based on my feelings as I read it. I felt enough happened (the twists in the battle, for example) that made the issue a pleasant page-turner to warrant the grade (still not a 9.0, 9.5 or 10). I also don’t like to spoil, so I didn’t go into a lot of what happens mid-issue and beyond. But I respect that you don’t agree with the grade.

      • Gains

        I think hundreds of lives are more important than someone’s culture. Medusa killing projection Cyclops only reinforces that she rather have a mutant dead than losing her way of life.

        • Ruminum

          Exactly. That is shouldn’t come at the expense of a single mutant life…doesn’t include when Medusa ordered Black Bolt to kill Cyclops in order to preserve the cloud? And if Medusa’s only defense for killing him is that “there was no other way”, then it makes even less sense. The “other way” would have been to not kill Cyclops and let him destroy the other cloud because of what it was doing to mutants. Cyclops wasn’t threatening to kill the Inhumans, just to destroy the threat of the cloud. The book utterly fails to be consistent within itself.

      • tau_neutrino

        Terrigenesis isn’t compulsory or even automatic. Inhumans have to be cleared by the Genetics Council to undergo it. Some accounts have it as uncommon, showing Inhumans petitioning Black Bolt for it.

      • TerminalSanity

        Sorry but no persevering a culture is not remotely comparable to fighting literal survival in the slightest. Frankly the implications of that suggestion are disturbing is light of what various people have done to other people in actual history in the name of “preserving” their culture. I mean really the Inhumans have literally been imposing their culture on the entire planet and onto Nuhumans whose ancestors explicitly abandoned and left Inhuman society precisely because they didn’t to be subjected to Terrigensis and considering not all Nuhumans survive the process like inferno’s mother Mutants releasing the cloud was a somewhat monstrously selfish and presumptive act. And actively protecting the cloud with lethal force even after learning what it did to mutants in no way squares with Medusa’s line “Terrigenesis is not worth one mutant life” when her actions up to that point had already caused the death of hundreds if not thousands of mutants sterilizing still more of them. I’m this issue wasn’t just badly written its flat out repulsive. Medusa’s actions are on par with the sort of acts that made Magneto a villain and trying to cover that up with a hasty heel turn of Emma Frost was frankly insulting to readers at large.

        • Chris Hassan

          Ultimately, this has been a pretty bleak period for the X-Men AND the Inhumans. Honestly, the creators – all very talented – were given a crummy deal with this status quo. So in my reviews of these comics, I try to put aside my biases and evaluate the books objectively. We really don’t know what goes on at Marvel (aside from Bleeding Cool rumors that Marvel people deny), and it’s possible the make-Medusa-a-hero and Emma-a-villain angles came from up top. I think Lemire and Soule did the best they could with what they had to work with. Either way, I hope down the line creators from this period of Marvel come out and share stories about some of the pro-Inhuman decisions that went down. It’s clear fans weren’t demaning Inhumans books. I don’t see any of those new ResurXion Inhumans titles lasting.

  • Hi Chris! This end made me a really bad impression about the X-Men future, even now with all this optimism. Once more, the mutants are making terrible choices and becoming insane villains. All in all almost every edition of IVX was about Inhumans. The X-Men was the challenge to make them better.

    • Chris Hassan

      Hey @luis_prates:disqus – I’m not a fan of what Marvel’s done to the Inhumans. I’m mostly happy this chapter of X-Men history is over and hopefully the two franchises stay far away from each other. But I too am not too excited about the future of the X-Men. We’ll see how X-Men: Prime is. While I miss classic X-Men stories with the classic stories, I worry Marvel is just giving fans what they want at the expense of good and original stories. We’ll see!

  • Ruminum

    Um, Medusa goes from literally being okay with the cloud killing hundreds of mutants to the point that the X-Men have to live in an entirely different dimension to claiming that terrigenesis is not worth “one mutant life”. That makes absolutely no sense. If that’s how Medusa felt, then she would have destroyed the clouds in the first place and/or been okay with Scott destroying the first cloud. The stakes were always known and every mutant eventually dying given enough time and exposure versus every mutant dying at once isn’t that different. And it completely contrasts with Medusa’s claim that ordering Cyclops’s death was a painful but necessary decision–again: mutants were dying, and she killed him to save the second cloud anyway. The writing in this was completely illogical.

    Turning Emma into a genocidal, love-crazed, insane super villain is completely out of character and more than problematic for one of the most interesting and enjoyed of the newer additions to the X-Men ranks in the last decade. That Scott wasn’t actually alive doesn’t change the fact that Medusa ordered his death and all that’s terrible about that. Young Scott’s claim that Cyclops died in an innocent accident before anyone knew the mists were deadly is wrong compared to how it was portrayed in Death of X, where Scott told Beast immediately that the Terrigen mists were deadly to mutants and killed Jaime. Does anyone at Marvel care about what they write anymore, even within the same series? Or are the X-Men just the go-to team to destroy in order to prop up other franchises?

    • tau_neutrino

      Beast was the most familiar with the Inhumans, and he didn’t think Medusa would agree to destroying the cloud. He presented the only option as leaving the planet.

    • Chris Hassan

      At the very least, Marvel seems to have recognized readers’ displeasure with seeing the X-Men in a reduced role based on the upcoming ResurXion push.