The Dark Souls short stories return, with eight new fresh rakes on the staggeringly popular mythos!

Based in the world of the global hit Video Game series, Dark Souls!

The sell-out and critically acclaimed series returns!

Written and drawn by some of the comic industry’s brightest talents!


DarkSouls1_TOE_Cover A
Writers: George Mann, Tauriq Moosa and more
Artists: Alan Quah, Michael Walsh, Daniel Serra, Damien Worm
FC – 32pp – $3.99 –
On sale: April 5, 2017
Cover A: Damien Worm – FEB171934
Cover B: Michael Walsh – FEB171935
Cover C: Fabio Listrani – FEB171936
Cover D: Daniel Serra – FEB171937
Cover E: Nick Percival – FEB171938

Tales of Ember - Damien Worm

Tales of Ember - Daniel Serra

Tales of Ember - Daniel Serra

Tales of Ember - Michael Walsh

DarkSouls1_TOE_Cover B

DarkSouls1_TOE_Cover C

DarkSouls1_TOE_Cover D

DarkSouls1_TOE_Cover E